Is Male Chauvinism Part of Indian Sports?

Is Male Chauvinism Part of Indian Sports?

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 28 June 2012, 12:09 Hrs   |    6 Comments
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Bangalore: Is male chauvinism part of Indian sports? The recent incident with Sania Mirza’s accusation that All India Tennis Association’s handling of the Olympics selection reeked of male chauvinism has rekindled the debate of gender discrimination in sports. The number one tennis player said she had been offered as bait to pacify Paes and get him to give his nod for participation at the Games.

Sania Mirza finally broke her silence on the whole tennis row after she was awarded a wild card in the women's doubles event at the London Olympics.

In a press release, Sania criticized the All India Tennis Association (AITA), Leander Paes, his father Dr. Vece Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi for their roles in the tennis crisis. Sania lashed out at AITA for their choice to pair her with Leander Paes in the mixed doubles event to get the latter to agree to participate at the London Games, saying the decision reeked of 'male chauvinism'. 

She said “While I feel honored and privileged to have been chosen to partner Leander Paes, the manner and timing of the announcement wreaks of male chauvinism where a two time Grand Slam champion, who has been India's number 1 women's tennis player for almost a decade in singles and doubles is offered in compensation to partner one of the feuding champions purely in order to lure him into accepting to play with a men's player he does not wish to play with! This kind of blatant humiliation of Indian womanhood needs to be condemned even if it comes from the highest controlling body of tennis in our country,” as reported NDTV.

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Reader's comments(6)
1: No.1 women tennis player in India???????????Obviously she has to be on top when no other player is around to give her a tough competition!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by:anshu - 29 Jun, 2012
2: agree with sania
Posted by:anjum - 28 Jun, 2012
3: there is nothing like inferior or superior. only the difference is how we see it. women were not in sports or jobs in the past just for the biological convenience but not anything. some crooks want to have a benefit by dividing the people, so they created these inferiority and superiority theories. Now sania is not wrong from the timing-wise but gender based comments are not correct. when at a given number of opportunities and assuming the Indian family system is maintained by father (as someone have to lead the family) giving the opportunity for a male makes more sense as he can care of whole family, without any need of extra protection for him to do the job and can minimize the anti-social activities as he do some work. But if the opportunity is given to a female she may need extra security to do the job, may not be taking the entire family responsibility and indirectly helps to encourage the male into anti-social activities as one male should sit without work. this is not to suppress ladies but if we see from the family point of view, which is still existing in India, giving an opportunity to a male is a wise decision.
Posted by:pnrk - 28 Jun, 2012
You may be partially right, but your thoughts are very old-school. Times have changed and even men want women to work as it is additional income to the family and has become more manageable that way. It is outright ridiculous for you to say that when 'she' works, 'he' is sitting at home and getting into antisocial activities...

Leave the family system. Sania is right in her comments. When Bhupathi and Bopanna refused to Partner with Paes, AITA succumbed to their demands, but when it came to Sania she was forced to pair with Paes just to convince him to participate in Olympics. When she voiced her concerns, AITA tells her just to shut up and accept the decision. But they failed to force the same on male players due to supposed 'national interest'.

Whatever has happened can't be undone. Now we can only hope they concentrate on practicing and winning some medals for the nation.
dhivya Replied to: pnrk - 28 Jun, 2012
5: Sania has a point and its high time that we stop treating women inferior!!
Posted by:sonia - 28 Jun, 2012
Shameless AITA. That's why the international sports is so backward!!!
Sads Replied to: sonia - 29 Jun, 2012