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Introducing IRA - a non-intrusive personal security application

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 11 January 2018, 08:50 Hrs
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What do you get when you marry cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence with a desire to make the world a safer place? A first-of-its kind IoT-based personal and business security application called IRA, that leverages Artificial Intelligence-based machine learning to provide 360° protections.

IRA has been conceptualised and created by Wise Systech, a company whose founders asked themselves a simple question. Why, in this day and age, when the world is making huge leaps in technology, the crime rate continues to rise? This was because current security systems are designed to merely record crime for forensic use rather than actively preventing and deterring an act of violence or theft. Thus IRA was born. 

IRA goes a step beyond mere surveillance to detect and trigger responses to external threats in the form of violent behaviour, intrusions and dangerous objects. IRA is also adept at detecting and analysing distress audio signals to set in motion a set of pre-configured responses.

Wise Systech will release IRA in two variants - IRA Voice and IRA Visual, in the second quarter of 2018. But before that, the company is launching the application, along with a public demo of its capabilities, at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 7th, 2018.

IRA uses advanced situation interpretation algorithms that work in tandem with behavioral video and data analytics to detect dangerous or life-threatening situations and deters a crime by instantly triggering local responses that are pre-set by the user. Let us delve deeper into the features of this unique application:

  1. Affordable DIY Solution: IRA will be available to consumers at an affordable price. The application requires no additional software and hardware to function, relying only capabilities of the smartphone it is installed on. Users will also be able to configure their own set of triggers and responses, making it easy-to-use and setup.

  2. Intelligent Learning - Thanks to deep machine learning, as more people use IRA, the application will learn to detect and identify more dangerous scenarios, intrusions, violent behavior and alert words.

  3. Big on Data Privacy - IRA is designed to store and analyse data locally on the smartphone, instead of sending it to a remote server, thereby ensuring a user’s data privacy and security.

  4. Autonomous Response - IRA is designed to respond to security threats without human intervention, taking it beyond surveillance, allowing it to trigger responses that ultimately prevent and deter crime.

  5. Non-Intrusive Application - IRA remains in a half-awake state, wakingoft up only when it detects a threat to a user’s personal safety. The application is not designed to act as a digital recorder but as a digital responder to threats.

IRA uses a vast number of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence-based technologies to provide a complete security cover to its users. Let us see what they are.

  1. Computer Vision: Using Computer Vision, IRA automatically extracts and analyses data from a single image or a set of images, to recognise and respond to threats.

  2. Deep Learning - IRA harnesses the power of deep learning to learn to detect and recognise violent behavior, dangerous objects and even lewd language.

  3. Edge Computing - Edge Computing makes sure that the application is secure, by analysing data on the smartphone, without transmitting it to an external server, where there is a danger of the data being hacked and manipulated.

  4. Multi-Sensor Fusion - IRA leverages data fusion to analyse data from multiple sensors on the smartphone, ensuring a high probability of intrusion and violence detection.

IRA has the potential to revolutionize personal and business security as we know, taking it beyond the realms of surveillance to real-time action in order to prevent and deter crime. So if you are heading over to Las Vegas for CES 2018, make sure to see this application in action!

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