Intel's Gaming PC Market Growth Rate will Double in India by 2021

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 23 May 2019, 05:13 Hrs
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Mobile gaming in India has been growing for years. With readily available technology and a growing middle class, mobile gaming is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion by 2020. The number of users is projected to clock in at around 630 million.

India has almost double the number of people playing video games as the United States has people.

Mobile gaming is massive worldwide, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that India’s market is just as huge. The real story in India is PC gaming. With e-sports on the rise worldwide, the market in India is beginning to join in.

Which market isn’t India joining in on?

Almost 25% of every dollar spent on general gaming was spent on PC gaming in 2018, worldwide. That means that $1 out of $4 spent was spent on PC gaming. Computer gaming produced $33.4 billion in 2018 for the market in total.

Intel Corporation, the number one computer processor manufacturer, is ready to take advantage of all of this information. It has predicted that its gaming PC market growth rate will double in India by 2021.


Intel is one of the biggest names in gaming. Most high end gaming laptops and towers are all powered by Intel and most gamers wouldn’t be caught dead with a different processor in their rig. The only company that can hold a candle to Intel is AMD.


What has led to the amazing growth Intel is reporting? Events such as one of the biggest e-sports tournaments in the world, ESL One, took place in Mumbai at the end of this past April. Just a handful of years ago, the possibility of this happening would be close to zero. It has come to the point where India is now hooked on e-sports and the addiction is not going anywhere.

While analyzing markets, Intel saw the untapped potential in India. Just like most industries in India nowadays, the big players in gaming took notice of what India has to offer. The country has demographics similar to China, Europe, and America complete with a massive population and a staggering middle class.

The gaming processor company decided to go with a roundabout entrance to the market in India. With massive tournaments like ESL One, Intel is utilizing a $100 million investment to target the Indian Market.

Lee Machen, Intel’s General Manager of Gaming and Virtual Reality was quoted, “India can be as big as Europe when it comes to E-Sports or as big as China quite soon. The demographics here are the same, there is desire in this country to be part of this segment. There is a growing middle class, some disposable income and it is emerging pretty rapidly.”

At this point in time, India is a mobile gaming country. This was seen recently as a viral video of a groom playing PUB-G Mobile at his wedding as his new wife looked on in disappointment swept through the internet. Serious gamers lean more towards PC gaming and Intel is betting on that trend.

E-sports appeals to mobile gamers and PC gamers alike. The hope for Intel is that e-sports catches the eye of mobile gamers and converts them to PC gamers.

India is Hooked on E-Sports

Intel knows that the way to customer acquisition is through e-sports. The brand ambassador for Intel in India is Ankit Panth, otherwise known as V3nom. If you don’t know who Ankit Panth is, you might recognize him towering over the rest of his team here:

India is Hooked on E-Sports

Panth doesn’t look like a normal gamer, which may put Indian parents at ease when they see their kid’s new obsession. Complete with large muscles, Panth is one of the faces of Indian Gaming.

At the ESL One tournament, Panth told reporters, “You won’t believe what the father just told me,” said Panth. “He said, ‘My son used to follow Virat Kohli and Lionel Messi. Now, he says he wants to be a gamer and V3nom is everything for him. You are his idol.’”

Panth, or V3nom, is one of India’s most famous e-sports players. Besides being a professional gamer, he founded and now runs a gaming team called Brutality. He also is the brand ambassador in India for Alienware in tandem with Intel. This makes a lot of sense as Alienware uses Intel products.

Panth also feels as if society is more accepting of the gaming community. He said, “Now, you are seeing parents coming with their gamer kids to watch tournaments like ESL One.”

Gaming in India

In 2010, India only had 25 game development companies. The oldest one of the 10, Dhruva Interactive, has just been acquired by Rockstar Games. With the growing market, Rockstar may be looking towards India. Now, India has close to 300 video game development companies with at least two new startups coming in every month.

The market is expected to multiply by five by 2021 according to a report done by KPMG and IFSG. The report, The Evolving Landscape of Sports Gaming in India, notes that the growth in digital infrastructure has made this possible. Other key aspects are viable career options and the growth in gaming investments.

Industries are allowed to thrive when a country’s middle class has disposable income. They’re more willing to pay for entertainment, whether products or services. India is a prime example of a country with a middle class that is thriving. The middle class is now over half of the country which means half of India has an increasing disposable income.

A large amount of disposable income in India will go to gaming. Only time will tell how much of that will go to Intel.

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