Instagram Introduces New Features to Filter Out Spammers and More

Instagram Introduces New Features to Filter Out Spammers and More

Recently, Instagram has been bringing a lot of features like the fun video filters in the Insta Stories for its Boomerang option. But now, Instagram has come up with a new way to organize the list of who you are following and interacting with. The new feature is already available globally, and in case it is not available on the app, you just need to update it.

The new feature will let you know who among the following list they most and least interact with. It also helps to filter those unwanted accounts that you might have followed at the urge of the moment. This feature will help to make your feed more personalized and relevant. With this feature, you can easily get rid of those accounts which may be annoying to them, also the accounts which spam the feed with multiple posts.

How to use this feature?

Open your Instagram account, tap on the ‘following’ list. The app will sort the accounts you follow under two categories, i.e. ‘Least Interacted with’ and ‘Most Shown in Feed’. Tap on the options and personalize according to the choices by unfollowing the accounts which you least interact with or removing the accounts that keep on popping up unnecessarily.

Along with this feature, an additional feature was also introduced by Instagram, which helps you to sort out the accounts that were recently followed and also those were followed at the earliest. The following three categories are currently available; ‘Sort by Default’, ‘Date followed: Latest’ and ‘Date followed: Earliest’.

It was great to feature to stay away from the spammers, irrelevant accounts by a more simpler way of sorting. The apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become a part of everyone’s social life and privacy being a key part in lives, this filter can be very effective for you.