India's Richie Rich Political Bigwigs

BANGALORE: Elections is knocking at the door and so does the topics related to politics are well versed in everyone’s mind. And there is a common perception like ‘If you are a politician, you got to be rich!’ As such, the richness pre and post attainment of political office is closely scrutinized by the public and media. iDiva recently listed out India’s richest politicians.

Ravindra Kishore Sinha: A multi-millionaire businessman, Ravindra Kishore Sinha is one of India's richest politicians. He is the owner of Security and Intelligence Services India, which he set up four decades ago after being sacked from his first job.

With his mind boggling personal wealth at 857 crore and the company's turnover touching 3200 crore, Sinha has come a long way from the reporter's job in a Patna-based newspaper that got him 230 a month. Though, one of the richest politician, he still leads a humble and down to earth life. From a fleet of cars that he owns—Mercedes, Land Rover, Audi—Sinha still prefers to travel in his Innova. His son Rituraj said, "He likes to use gadgets till they become unusable. He is not brand conscious, he prefers anything that looks or feels comfortable. The only thing he is particular about is travelling first class. Nothing else," reports Intoday.

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