India's Pointless War that Costs Rs.50 Million Per Day

India's Pointless War that Costs 50 Million Per Day

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 12 April 2012, 10:30 Hrs   |    54 Comments
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Bangalore: The most pointless war has been on for the past 28 years. The deadly avalanche that struck the battalion headquarters of Pakistan Army's Northern Light Infantry recently on the Siachen Glacier has brought to light the human and economic cost of sustaining a two-decade long conflict for the climatically uninviting area.  With temperatures as low as -60 C, vicious winds and altitude sickness, the region is just east of the world's second-highest peak, K-2.

Maintaining a military presence on remote Siachen exerts a grave financial toll. Pakistan spends $60 million a year on Siachen and India about $200-$300 million, the equivalent of Rs50 million per day every day of the year. In the two countries where millions live below the poverty line, that is a lot of money to defend a frozen, uninhabitable patch of mountain.

At the request of the government of Pakistan the U.S. has sent a team for search and rescue operation in Siachen where nearly 150 Pakistani soldiers were buried after being hit by an avalanche on Saturday.

The Siachen Glacier has engulfed over 8,000 Indian and Pakistani soldiers between April 1984 and April 2012. It is called one of world's most pointless military deployments, where two poverty-wracked nations are engaged in a costly standoff over an uninhabitable patch of mountain and ice.

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Reader's comments(54)
1: I agree to the point ONLY if the other too is ready to settle scores and give back what it has snatched from the deserved country-India. When we see the WORLD as a whole - a place of HUMAN habitation & interaction, then this point of view is agreed. But, the point here is different. Its a question of pride of 2 Nations - A pride of India to withhold what is its., and a pride for Pakistan to grab a hold on what it has Snatched/taken.. Hence the thought of "the globe as a family" should not be mixed with individual points..
Posted by:Nithin - 29 Apr, 2012
2: what is pointless? defending a part of the country? money is doesnt seem to understand this
Posted by:Guru - 28 Apr, 2012
3: I spent so much of time & effort to write about the whole Imbroglio in its true perspective, having taken part in the Siachen Talks with Pakistan.It was a sure waste of my time as all sorts of computerised inputs kept on appearing thus making my comment invalid ! Siliconindia must check their system.
Posted by:Mohan Bhandari - 15 Apr, 2012
4: What is abusive ?
Posted by:Mohan Bhandari - 15 Apr, 2012
5: India's Pointless War that Costs 50 Million Per Day
By SiliconIndia | Thursday, 12 April 2012, 03:30 Hrs | 55 Comments

War itself is danger to the Economical requirements of the Country, but to protect the Country is important too, as such thow it is expensive, at the sime time looking on one side is not the solution. for example if you look the Indias Northern Borders, mostly the Chinees, the war mongers, and desire to Occupy the Indian territory which the India has to protect, if not the Chinees Invassion will cause a lot of Danger to India. If we observe recent Export from China to India and the Chines invassions on Indian Products is more harmfull to our Economical future. Similarly the Aera of Manmohan Singh who opend the doors to Europeans but ask a Question to him has the Europe opend doors to INDIANS? no is the Answers, He was well in advance informed that Before opening the doors for Foreign Investment in India firt and primerily Secure the Indian Interest where he failled as the SelfsInterest was more important than Securing INDIANS INTEREST. f.e.g. the Door was opend to Germans, and Germans have not even secured Indian residents living in Germany due to the Racism against Indians. nor they have respect for the Agreements of UNO thus the Family livin-gtogether is not possible in Germany. similarly British laws against Indian is another herdal to Indians though being a member of Commenwealth countries, but the Indias open door to these respectless Europeans is too danger for INDIANS in coming day due to the powerty growing and the Rich harvest to the Foreign Investers having no check against such Persons legally due to the High Corruptions. If you observe the Indian Mission Office People coming from back doors as Local Employee may be with corrupt system of Employees at Delhi Foreign-Ministry So any war we think without securing the Indian Interest is Danger to the Life and the Economical situation of Residents of this country?.
Posted by:Kamath - 15 Apr, 2012
6: When it comes to Country's security,pride and respect, we should not look for the amount of money we are specding because that is our 1st priority as an Indian. This is really a pointless article I have ever read....
Posted by:Amol - 14 Apr, 2012
Good One
nidhi Replied to: Amol - 15 Apr, 2012
8: I think these articles which project only one face of the situation are not very enlightening. If the pakis break across siachin seeing our lesser defence there,we will have to pay a heavy price and we blame military. The positions are strategic and need guard. Please don't broadcast such misleading articles.
Posted by:Kamal - 14 Apr, 2012
9: A bull shit article written by some Bullshit author..
Posted by:Amit Anand - 14 Apr, 2012
Good One
Nidhi Replied to: Amit Anand - 15 Apr, 2012
11: Please see:
Posted by:vincent - 13 Apr, 2012
12: india is defending it's border against rough countries like china and pakistan.change your name from silicon india to traitor india.henceforth dont write against india.
Posted by:dattatraya bhat - 13 Apr, 2012
just another excuse.... Looks like you believe the movies stuff a lot...
XYZ Replied to: dattatraya bhat - 14 Apr, 2012
14: you mean to say we should not defend our borders ?
Posted by:nisha - 13 Apr, 2012
why not close it in one shot... both nation's citizens are being fooled by these bureaucrats and Generals...
xyz Replied to: nisha - 14 Apr, 2012
16: If I have to agree with the author, then war itself is pointless. If every person and every country had learned to live in harmony, there would not have been any battles in history. If pak is not keen on breaching our border, we have no need to station our army at siachen. Unfortunately that is not the case and we should pay a price to protect our nation. Safety of our country is the foremost priority and thinking about cost incurred is narrow-minded.
Posted by:Dhivya - 13 Apr, 2012
its not war anymore dear.. its all business, pure business...Analyze it and you shall learn...
XYZ Replied to: Dhivya - 14 Apr, 2012
18: Very good article, our politicians should act smartly, and stop fooling the people with fake high alerts for political gains
Posted by:Rehman - 13 Apr, 2012
19: The war is not pointless but only because of government's inability and polotical will.
more than this has been spent on pak sponsered terorism incidents since 1989.
Posted by:sanjay - 13 Apr, 2012
20: Its an article which should be termed as stupid,meaningless or antinational.If you go by that article you may say that abolish armed forces and you will save great amount of money . Then be a slave to any country and live peacefully ever after. Because you deserve to be a slave as you have not come out of slave mentality. This country has been invaded by so many rulers and plundered wealth and women. Just to giveexample of battle of panipat,. After defeating Marathas, it was free for all for Afghans for almost a month. Lakhs of Maraths got Killed,women raped and whole area looted. Finally they left the country(thankfully!) with loot , thousands of horses, Guns and 22000 women!!!. Many of them committed sucide as they could not face repeated rapes. The author of this article must be preparing Us for one more such event to save Money!!!.
Posted by:Proud indian - 13 Apr, 2012
21: This is the most pointless article ever. The writer needs to do a little research on Kargil War. It is not India who would invade any other country but it is them. The moment the troops detained from Siachen Glacier, the very next day they will be making plannings to invade and capture another part of India.
Aren't they doing it already? All terrorist has got some links with ISI. 500 millions everyday is not pointless. Pointless would be trusting such a state which has got no ethics. Even China has an undecided border. That doesn't mean that India should detain the troops from those areas.
About the problems there: Yes, in such a weather- our soliders has to maintain their accuracy and strength. If they could have found it pointless, they could have made a move out of it already.
Pointless is no judgement against the terrorists.
Posted by:Anup - 13 Apr, 2012
22: This means, a bald person, on which no hair grows, should cut off his head. Isn't it?
Pl. do not be so fool hardy, otherwise China & Pak will capture the region of immense strategic and fossil fuel importance.

The Siachin region is of tremendous importance for us, and its direst link with the PoK, Karakoram, and Aksai Chin makes it a region of immense strategic importance.

Believe me we can drastically reduce our expenditure, and loss of lives, by adopted deep meditative techniques, by masters like Satguru Madhu Paramhans jee.
Pl. visit-, for details.

If our jawans are mastered these meditative techniques, they will be able to withstand cold, hunger, etc., for long durations.

Posted by:DrKartikayPandey - 13 Apr, 2012
23: "No grass grows there" these are famous word of Pandit Nehru.Pakistan is more interested in Siachen than even Kashmir because they know Siachen is a big lake and water resource for Shyok,Indus. Infact Kargil operation was launched to trade Siachen for Kargil by Musharaff.This article is due to the American pressure who want India to surrender siachen for MFN status while actually American are desperate for NATO supply line to be opened through Pakistan.Siachen should be part of overall Kashmir settlement
Posted by:captainjohann - 13 Apr, 2012
24: Very uninformed article, in fact very deliberately misleading.
Who initiated the writing of this article is definitely involved with Super Powers who wish to take advantage of and get a foot hold on the Himalayan Geology which has many years of fossil fuels and other precious elements that the US, EU, Russia and China are fighting over in just as dire or 'useless' wars, insurgencies and standoffs in Alaska, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Siberia, South China Sea etc to mention just a few.
Thank both the Nations for keeping safe these assets of the future for their future generations.
The US even perpetuated a 'No Water in a Few Years' Farce on the World just as they did the 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' to justify their 'War of Freedom' in Iraq!
The Himalayan Geology should remain with the Nations surrounding it with no outside Super Power engagements in any way.
Thus even the Pakistani Military's seeking US aid to 'recover' victims of an avalanche is fraught with danger. The Pak Army should have enough local troops to deal with the situation that city and 'well bred' US troops cannot do. What they might do is collect a lot of data to take back and hence the PAK military cannot not be trusted by its own countrymen, since their future geological reserves will be squandered by their own Army or the US will also jump in to fund Pak military effort to maintain their presence on the glacier, thus playing up China too, in another brinkmanship to gather higher funds.
Sad. All I have written here is already reported in various magazines across the Globe, that the author has either no knowledge of or was paid to deliberately omit and he sold himself on. Either way it is an ill motivated article.
Posted by:Dilip - 12 Apr, 2012
25: Illiterates will call it pointless but Siachen is strategically very important for India with a crafty Pakistan always prowling to grab such positions on the sly. It is because of these kind of work the Army or defense forces draws such respect from people. Jai Hind!!
Posted by:JB Padhi - 12 Apr, 2012
26: Siachen area is higly sensitive for strategic defense of India both from Vhina and Pakistan. Yes weather there is worse enemy, but we cannot ignore threats from smaller but real enemies. The author must learn that.
Posted by:Dr V Mishra - 12 Apr, 2012
27: worst article ever
Posted by:kalpesh - 12 Apr, 2012
28: This funny author needs to know, about area-51, the so called US who is bullying everyone, as other nations are also becoming 'nuclear' equiped ... US throws a lot on presidential parties and get gatherings, but reluctantly help the needy. We are protecting our land, Pakistan should STOP attacking / sending terrorists. AND above all STOP training them.

Dear Author, please be wider in your approach. To protect our land is NOT wastage .. !
Posted by:Kapil - 12 Apr, 2012
29: It is true that there is a cost in maintaining troops at that high alitude,it can be viewed in 2 ways,1.You can call it high altitude training costs,since the troops will be paid in any case,whether they are in Siachen or not....2.From what India has experienced in Kargil,there also there was a tacit understanding that the heights will not be occupied in winter,but it was a case of straightforward betrayal from the other side.Since India doesn't have any territorial ambitions against Pakistan(legally speaking,it is Indian territory as per maps)it is for Pakistan to create an atmosphere of trust and withdraw,as simple as that!!
Posted by:KP Suresh - 12 Apr, 2012
30: India and Pakistan should withdraw their military presence by signing an agreement and oversee the place for foreign invasion and keep it clean with out polluting. Both will be benefited. Only week governments try to bring people together by creating wars. Super powers get benefited by selling Arms. In my opinion what ever we discuss this will go on for the simple reason there are people who are getting benefit by these pseudo wars
Posted by:kamalkumar - 12 Apr, 2012
31: I totally disagree with the writer. this is not a pointless war. Any deployment of Armed forces has its own advantages. Having the upper hand in Siachin, keeps the pakistanis at bay. don't we remember what happened in the Kargil war? we left the place in faith n we were back stabbed by the pakis. The point is being surrounded by 6 hostile and troubled nation any thing related to security is not pointless.I know we pay a heavy price for keeping the advantage with us. but tell me does the cost comes any where near to the money involved in the scams done by politicians and bureaucrats in a year?
We are in a state of war with almost all our neighboring nations since 1947. so i don't think it is "pointless". If you are militarily strong and have the full capacity of defending your nation from any external or internal threat? than only you can be at peace and concentrate on progress and prosperity
Posted by:mayank pareek - 12 Apr, 2012
32: its not pointless. From a terrain perspective its important to be there. Please refrain from using such terms. Just bcoz we haven't had a war doesn't mean we don't need it. The country meeds more security than IT offices and homes. Please don't make such irresponsible statements.
Posted by:Shyam Reddy - 12 Apr, 2012
33: Unfortunately when our territory is being compromised we need to defend it. All wars are pointless, but as long as one nation has designs on another's territory the pointless exercise of defending our borders must continue
Posted by:Archie - 12 Apr, 2012
34: Our Govt spends this amount that's why we are sleeping peacefully during night. The wars are never pointless.
Posted by:Vicky - 12 Apr, 2012
35: True... a good article. But do we have any other option?...what we can do?...
Posted by:Murugan - 12 Apr, 2012
36: what's the heck listing India as poor country.. ?
We are not poor any more..
Posted by:sheikh - 12 Apr, 2012
Haha...i agree with you sheik!...
Murugan Replied to: sheikh - 12 Apr, 2012
38: So who do you want to get the strategic advantage to -India or Pakistan?
Posted by:Satinder - 12 Apr, 2012
39: Looks like there is no way to avoid it - to protect the brain/head of India to be from cut off by enemies like Pak & china, There is no way out - unless impossible is made possible by miracle like - whatever UK did is undone i.e Pak and India are united again and one nation; Hindus and Muslims are brothers – they see their roots and do throw out the poison put by politician, arms & military hardware selling countries and those country who benefits by fighting India & Pakistan, and Tibet becomes an independent buffer nation (free from China) – Only a Miracle can do.
Posted by:Jay Dugar - 12 Apr, 2012
40: It is time somebody found an easy way to monitor and protect the area in this age of electronic monitoring and warfare. The human involvement has to be minimised and air surveilance has to be improved to prevent the Pakis from coming to that area. This can be done on priority by the army and airforce.
Posted by:Kesavan Nair G - 12 Apr, 2012
41: So what the author is saying is that we should withdraw our presence from Siachin and give the territory over to Pakistan!
This cannot be done at any cost and any Indian who promotes such an idea needs to be seriously examined as an anti-Indian and a terrorist.
It is sad that some Indian's talk and write such articles, and Indian publishers publish them too.
Ninad Chaubal
India & Canada
Posted by:Ninad Chaubal - 12 Apr, 2012
please try to do the same thing for atleast one hour.
rdeb Replied to: Ninad Chaubal - 12 Apr, 2012
The military mind never has and never will understand common sense. Thats the whole problem here.
Anoop Replied to: Ninad Chaubal - 12 Apr, 2012
Call me a terrorist if you want. But seriously, what does the two govts see in that place. It is one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Nobody can live there. There is nothing like valuable minerals or anything of that sort. So, whats the big deal? I mean, seriously what difference is it going to make if that place belongs to India or Pakistan. Its going to remain barren forever.

Both countries have more than enough problems which included poverty. So, wasting all this money on a worthless piece of land is pointless.
Anoop Replied to: Ninad Chaubal - 12 Apr, 2012
Mr. Author, that's not pointless at all. Knowing the fact that Pakistan attacked from the same front, India would regarded as biggest fool leaving siachin sans army.
Its say that's completely futile to deploy forces in this area as this region is hostile to live even and thus Indo-Pak should be keep this as peaceful zone. Had pakistan be really Pak I could have agreed to this. Tell me will you keep your house doors open at night if u know ur neighbors are criminals and manslayers having alrdy suffered bcoz of them? Their so called intelligence agency ISI is been in the business of exporting the militants to India, this area will rather become a Hub for peacefully transiting the people with AK47 and missiles in India.
Looking at persisting situations in the neighbouring countries where Osama Bin laden was given shelter and where most wanted people live a free life will give a free access to Indian subcontinent.
Protection wud be better than cure. This is apt in context of keeping aman at our fronts as neither we are at US-Canada border nor Western Europe..
Placid Replied to: Anoop - 13 Apr, 2012
I agree to it.

Both countries should understand and withdraw. Fight is childish!
Anil Replied to: Anoop - 12 Apr, 2012
47: Now, in as much as Pakistan has given access of area around the border with India to china in the guise of military cooperation, there is always a lurking fear of danger from China to India if it lowers down the guard in this area. India is in the position of a monkey which caught hold of a live snake with the snake winding itself around monkey's hands.
Posted by:krish - 12 Apr, 2012
48: After Pakistan's perfidy in Kargil, there is absolutely no chance of India withdrawing from Siachen anytime soon.
Posted by:prasadgc - 12 Apr, 2012
49: All thanks to Mr. Nehru, he might have been like what Yeddyurappa is to BJP, he just wanted to be the PM of India at the time and didn't care what would be the outcome.
Posted by:Ron - 12 Apr, 2012
One thing I never understood is the attitude of gandhi. It seems like Gandhi was blindly supporting Nehru(by even destroying other leaders like Subhash Bose). I seriously don't understand what he was thinking during those times.
Anoop Replied to: Ron - 12 Apr, 2012
Was Gandhi not the biggest sinner for the history of India.
(1) When Sardar won every vote, Gandhi insisted on Nehru. Where was his principle of justice and truth ?
(2) Nehru dynasty has taken grip of India there after
(3) Brought reservation which till today keeps India burning and divided
(4) Major decision maker and blackmailed by fasting for division of country
(5) Constant terrorism and frequent wars are result of that division and lacs of human lives are lost
mona Replied to: Anoop - 13 Apr, 2012
It is in fact quite true as more and more details emerge from that time period. The entire reason for the partition which resulted in forming Pakistan is just for the one purpose of making Nehru the first PM. Jinnah, who was equally powerful as Nehru wanted to be the PM and finally the only solution was to split the country into two.

And get this, as per the partition agreement, all areas with Muslim majority were to be given to Pakistan. This includes Kashmir. However, Nehru wanted to keep Kashmir in India since thats where he was born. This man put his personal whims ahead of the country's best interests and as a result, the entire tension India has with both China and Pakistan is because of this one selfish man.
Anoop Replied to: Ron - 12 Apr, 2012
may nehru and his family burn in hell for ever
faith Replied to: Anoop - 13 Apr, 2012
Nehru was never born in kashmir, no historical/document evidence.
search in google "gayasuddin Gazi"
sanjay Replied to: Anoop - 13 Apr, 2012