India's Legendary Freedom Fighters

Mangal Pandey

Mangal Pandey was the first freedom fighter who lit the light of freedom in the hearts people of India, which eventually led to the Indian Rebellion, 1857. Born on 1827 in Nigwa in UP, Pandey joined the Bengal Army in 1849. In 1853, there was a rumour that the cartridges of the guns were greased with Lard and Tallow, which was against the Hindu & Muslim religions, as most of the army consisted people from these communities. The soldiers refused to accept the cartridges, which finally turned out to be a revolt in the end.

At Barrackpore in 1857, Pandey attacked his British Sergeant along with an adjutant. He was captured and hanged on 8th April, 1857. This turned the entire war of freedom and many people joined the revolution. To pay tribute for his heroism, in 1984, the Indian government issued a postage stamp on his name.