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Indian Muslims Have a Better Sex Ratio Than Hindus

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 09 May 2012, 11:08 Hrs   |    28 Comments
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Bangalore: The first episode of the much-hyped and eagerly awaited talk show ‘’Satyameva Jayate’’ recently went on air on Star Plus. The show, hosted by Bollywood actor Amir Khan, aims to bring social issues to light. Khan, who is being hailed as India’s Oprah Winfrey has managed to do what countless organizations and government initiatives have failed to do: put female feticide in the national spotlight.  

The statistical evidence presented in the show is indeed disturbing. As per 2011 census, the sex ratio of children under the age of six was 914 girls for every 1000 boys. Studies show that in a natural world, without human interference or manipulation, the sex ratio should ideally be 1,020 females per 1,000 males.

An interesting fact, however, is that India’s Muslims have a better sex ratio. According to the data analyzed from the 2001 census, the sex ratio of Hindus who make up close to 80 percent of the population was 931 while that of Muslims who make up less than 15 percent of the population was 936. A difference of five extra girls per 1,000 boys may seem small but when it’s analyzed in the larger context, it makes a significant difference. This comes as a slap-on-the face of all who believed Islam oppresses women.  

There is compelling evidence to show that this analysis is not just a fluke. So, does this finding reflect the Muslim beliefs and values? It’s certainly possible but could something in addition to this also be at work? India RealTime takes a look at this interesting phenomenon.

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Reader's comments(28)
1: that is because of love jihad... non-muslim girls.. specially hindus in india are tricked in love and become wives of muslims... muslims have more than 1 wife.. so they have better sex ratio in india
Posted by:Joy ganguly - 19 Jul, 2012
2: islam teaches to respect the women
Posted by:raza - 19 May, 2012
3: Now STOP, it's enough, Why we stupid INDIAN always came to the end of our religion, Please try to be an HUMAN then INDIAN then the else part, Don't forgot after all we all are modern days evaluated Monkeys.
Posted by:CM - 15 May, 2012
4: All the hype created by Amir's show is ggod. But the question is will it be persued enough to bring out a change? Next week would be a new topic... Attention changed from topic to topic. Is it just sensatiionalisation for sake of TRP or will it actually bring about a change?
Posted by:Vikas Joshi - 15 May, 2012
5: Hello you people may create a problem for a Aamir Khan who has come up to do some good to humanity, by discussing religious issues.There are some pros and cons in every religion ,better comment on main topic ie female foeticide
Posted by:Asrar - 11 May, 2012
6: Interesting, but you know what Ajay, i agreed with you. Still isn't perfect as Allah said in Quran. Anyway its not a time to pride on miner things because Amir talk about "Indian gir"l not hindu and Muslims girls, please think like an Indian not only as a muslim.I appreciate Amir's took initaitive regarding Indian Society? Supposed tomorrow Mulims girls birth will comeup as same as the Muslims boys? but the others religons female feoticide keep decreasing, can you think what will happen then? Does your girl will be saved in the society as whole? ???? That is why i am happy with the muslims ratio but instead of slapping to anybody face i would love to help Amir Khan and his cause. I am sorry if it hurts you or anybody.
Posted by:Razia mashkoor - 11 May, 2012
7: Its not a question of a slap on the face of Hindus. If we analyse the data, its mainly the North Indian states that have this craving for the male child. Religion has nothing to do with it. Going by today's style, Muslims still have larger families than Hindus.Thus there are greater chances of having a better sex ratio.
Hindus follow a system of dowry which is given by the bride's family / bride to the groom. Muslims have a system of the groom giving Mehar to the bride. In Afghanistan, males are required to pay the family of a woman and buy his bride. So girls do bring in cash. So we have some reasons on a better sex ratio.
Posted by:Ajay Chaudhari - 10 May, 2012
Dowry to either sex is a cause of different sex ratio. Issue is not to find cause or justify why one religion has better sex ratio. The issue is in both religion the ratio is still alarming or dangerous compared to natural ratio. Hence all of us should look to improve or pay attention to this low ratio rather than entering into justification or feeling hurt.
bledyv Replied to: Ajay Chaudhari - 11 May, 2012
What makes u think that religion has got nothing to do with the ratio when there is compelling evidence (according to article) to prove that. What is your proof that it is not related to religion.

Your reasoning that because Muslims have large families means that there are better chances of them having more girls (and not boys) is outright unreasonable. It is pretty straightforward that Muslims have a better ratio just because they don't kiill girls.
Truth Replied to: Ajay Chaudhari - 10 May, 2012
Where does the article say that the data comes as a sllap on the face of hindus. Read carefully. It says "sllap on the face of those who believed Islam oppresses women". People like u always read things out of context and even when things are clear, don't understand them well and draw conclusions.
Truth Replied to: Ajay Chaudhari - 10 May, 2012
abc Replied to: Ajay Chaudhari - 10 May, 2012
In the Qur'an, it is mentioned that on Judgment Day "buried girls" will rise out of their graves and ask for what crime they were killed. Part of Muhammad's legacy was to end infanticide and establish explicit rights for women.

Thats why you see the result,

Islam has bought justice to women and you are correct about the dowry part Gooogle "Mahr", that is for the safety and financial well being of the lady in case of divorce.
Naushad Replied to: Ajay Chaudhari - 10 May, 2012
13: islam always opposed female foeticide but this world had always opposed the ideas of islam as it is a first religion to give women their actual rights which was forbidden in older days and today also
Posted by:shaikh afzal - 10 May, 2012
14: For all those who have commented below that the topic has bought difference between Hindu and Muslim religion, i request you to go through the content again and again. its nowhere the author of this topic is bringing up the diff b/w religions, but the author is trying to convey the message that the thinking of opressing women in Islam is not right with this example, speaking abt Islam is different than bringing difference b/w religion.
In Islam, the status for a women is more of than of a male
in society and Equal in front of God.
Posted by:Basha - 10 May, 2012
My simple question then is as to why Muslim women have to wear burkha? If women in Islam are regarded so highly then are men that much bad?
rajesh Replied to: Basha - 10 May, 2012
Hello guys the thing is that Diamond are not kept in the open.......
SMMS Replied to: rajesh - 13 May, 2012
I dont know what exactly Amir Khan is trying to tell everyone.All that he says is known very well to everyone-- abortions,sexual abuse of children, etc etc.What he want us Indian citizens to do?
Asha Nayak Replied to: rajesh - 13 May, 2012
In India 1000 of gilrs raped.. Burka protect them from sexual expose, control and keep girl safe.. ask your sister or wife to wear burka for a month and check the difference.. its basic man..
sam Replied to: rajesh - 11 May, 2012
You have Money in your Wallet, why do you Cover it and hide it Why dont you keep it in open ?

and if you have Lots of Gold/Diamonds/etc, why do you keep them in a safe ?

Men and Women are made (Biologically) to get together,

Women are blessed with the whole physique, which is an attraction. Thats why they cover

and Men have 1 thing to Control "EYES", thats why the Quran mentions First "Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do." 24-30

and then "And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands' fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers, their brothers' sons, their sisters' sons, their women," 24-31.

now this says WHO is opressed "FIRST", its the men first and then women are directed
Naushad Replied to: rajesh - 10 May, 2012
20: yeh to best example hai.
Posted by:isarar - 10 May, 2012
21: Hellow, I'm fm Dhaka, Bangladesh. We all are urging Hindu Muslim issue and going out from the main point. Need to find out the reason and how to stop female feticide. It's a now social problem.
Posted by:Tuhin - 10 May, 2012
22: If it is , then as always i am proud Indian Muslims.
Posted by:Bhavya - 09 May, 2012
23: your census is very wrong, Muslims are more than 30 percent population in India, besides your interest in sex ratio.
Posted by:Sri - 09 May, 2012
24: see statistic is always been a science of fools.....we as a human being should respect a girl child equally like a boy child......not on the basis of hindu muslim theories.....sex ratio is poorest in mostly hidu speaking belt and the dowry system is badly crippled hindu social marriage if these orthodox rituals are erased from the society then i think female infanticide may be stopped....while in muslim society may be the ritual of dowry is not there but they do polygamy which also in a way a type oppression....better we as a modern people should stop all these old policies and respect female .
Posted by:parthaproteemroy - 09 May, 2012
25: "To put it simply, it’s possible that Muslims have a better sex ratio because they have bigger families."

There is no statistical evidence to back this canard.
Posted by:Bharati - 09 May, 2012
Bharti..please look into this..

"According to the data analyzed from the 2001 census, the sex ratio of Hindus who make up close to 80 percent of the population was 931 while that of Muslims who make up less than 15 percent of the population was 936. A difference of five extra girls per 1,000"...Now let me know who's family Big :)
Tanveer Replied to: Bharati - 10 May, 2012
That's ridiculous - those are RATIOS. They don't indicate anything about bigger or smaller families.
Bharati Replied to: Tanveer - 11 May, 2012
India's population is your answer dear
Sam Replied to: Bharati - 09 May, 2012