Indian Juvenile homes Increasing the Criminal Tendency in Children?

Bangalore: Juvenile homes are meant to provide care, guidance to offenders and to help them develop values for surviving in a society. Unfortunately, the state of these correctional centers is unimaginable and extremely bad, reports Danish Raza of FirstPost.India.

Many NGO organizations who visit these homes find them useless; as the environment of these places would affect the children in their growth and also make them more aggressive in life. This has raised the doubt whether these homes would convert these juveniles into better human beings or make them worse.  

According to Bharti Ali, co-director of the NGO Haq centre for child rights, “First, the state fails the child by not giving him proper living conditions. He has to leave his home and do some menial jobs. And in case he commits a crime, he is sent to an institute with no hope of him getting reformed. This is where the state fails him for the second time”, as reported by Danish Raza.

According to the Juvenile Justice Act(JJA), juveniles caught in  serious crimes such as rape and murder are sentenced to live in Special homes and the ones found guilty in less heinous crimes are sent to observation homes.