India Surpasses Brazil, Ranks 2nd in COVID-19 Cases

India Surpasses Brazil, Ranks 2nd in COVID-19 Cases
India out beats Brazil and takes the second position in having increased Covid-19 positive cases in the world. On the 168th day since the country has executed nationwide lockdown, India has witnessed virus cases exceeding 42.02 lakh with a spike of about 90,802 new cases that includes 71,642 deaths. 
Though the infection is spreading at a rapid pace throughout the country, states such as Maharastra(9,07,212), Tamil Nadu (4,63,480), and Andhra Pradesh(4,98,125) have reported the highest number of positive cases. while, other states like Karnataka ( 3,98,551), Uttar Pradesh(2,66,283), and West Bengal, have observed a continuous rise in infection. 
The main reason for the rising virus infection across the country is a poor protocol for testing implemented so far. This has permitted the infected individuals to remain undetected and continue spreading the disease. The situation turned worst when some of the patients who were diagnosed as corona positive were announced to be cured by India's health authorities which worsened the scenario. According to WHO guidelines, the recovery happens in about  14 days, while the average in India is 11 days and it was monitored as low as eight days in Bihar. Also, over a period of time, the virus has evolved to be asymptomatic which in turn as increased the complexity of diagnosing the infection among the public.
Considering its deteriorating economic condition India, had to relax the strict lockdown imposed across the nation, and currently, it is implementing 'Unlock 4.0'  that includes metros resuming their services. The metro services are resuming in various cities such as Delhi, Haryana, Kerala, and Bengaluru.
Presently, the country is preparing itself to return to the new normal by focussing particularly on wellness, travel guidelines, and financial aids as well. Despite the rise in virus infection, India has witnessed a decent recovery rate.  According to Union Health Ministry reports India’s COVID-19 recovery rate stands at 77.3 percent.  About 32,50,429 COVID-19 patients have recovered and discharged so far leaving behind 8,82,542 active cases. 
Relying on the rising recovery rate and to address its economic state India has opted to release the lockdown gradually. In the Unlock 4.0 phase, the government has permitted local train and metro to resume its service from September 7, and about 50 percent of teaching and non-teaching staff of the schools in non-containment zones can restart from September 21. Yet, the schools would be closed until September 30 and only the senior students of class 9th and 10th would be allowed to come and clear their doubts.