India Needs to 'Walk' One Step Ahead to Stay Fit

Bangalore: With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, Indians are forgetting that exercising is an important part of life. According to Max Bupa Walk for Health Survey 2013, a study on walking behaviour of people in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, says that nearly one forth Indians do not exercise. Out of the 75 percent people who do exercise, 56 percent of them prefer to walk than to run, swim or gym, reports Neha Pandey Deoras for Business Standard.

The survey reveals that one in two people feel stressed while one in four people feel more socially active at work after walking.

The Health survey across the three cities also talks about its people’s will to remain healthy. 34 percent respondents were cited with health conditions like blood pressure and heart problems, which is the main reason to provoke them to walk in order to maintain a good health.

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