Important on cryptocurrencies to learn more about the subject

Important on cryptocurrencies to learn more about the subject

The cryptocurrencies has been one of the most discussed technological issues in recent months, as its growth has been so remarkable that hundreds of companies have begun to implement it as a secure payment method.

Talking about cryptocurrencies is talking about currencies as recognized as Bitcoin, an electronic payment alternative that has been used to pay for houses, businesses and even videogames.

It is not an issue that should be taken lightly, since it needs preparation for those who want to step into the digital world.

The popularity of bitcoin has gone hand in hand with the growth of its market value. When last December the price of the first digital currency exceeded the barrier of $ 15,000, media owners around the world were filled with stories of visionaries who had bought bitcoins when it was still a topic of conversation reserved for the most knowledgeable geeks and that overnight they had become millionaires. Today the internet is full of pages where you can consult the daily quotation of the thousands of different cryptocurrencies that already exist and simple applications that allow you to invest in them even if you have no idea of what an exchange protocol or a virtual portfolio is.

But the bitcoin is not the only digital currency nor in use limited to speculate in the market. The cryptocurrencies were born as a safer alternative to the banking system that controls our value exchanges today. Through technologies such as blockchain users can move their money immediately without the need of an intermediary entity, safely and anonymously.

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Phishing in cryptocurrencies: this is how they steal bitcoins

The oscillating price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made this an interesting topic to talk about. A year ago the cryptocurrencies were a thing of geeks, now all online media talk about it, including television and radio. There is no day when there is no news from the cryptocurrency markets.

But scammers have also seen their opportunity. In fact, cryptocurrencies have given phishing (the creation of fake sites to steal credentials from unsuspecting users) a new purpose.

Phishing in cryptocurrencies

To carry out the simplest cryptocurse phishing strategy, scammers send unwanted emails. In this case, these emails seem to come from suppliers in the field of cryptocurrencies, such as exchange pages or purses, etc.

The messages are much more detailed and cared for than most phishing emails. For example, one could be a security alert that informs you that someone has entered your account from a certain address and from a certain browser; all you have to do is access the link to check that everything is in order. The potential victim could have even requested this type of messages to the cryptocurrency site, so it would not detect anything inappropriate.

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