How to start affiliate marketing business with WordPress

How to start affiliate marketing business with WordPress

Creating a WordPress website is a relatively straightforward task, and the statistics speak for themselves. There are currently nearly 77 million sites worldwide, with some 50,000 new ones being launched on a daily basis. Affiliate marketing is another aspect of the Internet which is proving to be extremely popular, presenting an opportunity for entrepreneurs to customize their web platforms to sell products on behalf of an advertiser. Marketers don't have to pay for the privilege of taking these items on board, and they also gain commission on every purchase made.

So what are the steps to take when setting up an affiliate marketing business with WordPress?

Choosing your niche

Before you do anything else, you'll have to decide on the niche you wish to pursue. This is not simply a case of trying to work out which products are going to sell the most. Your potential sales revenue depends on your ability to engage with your customers by demonstrating interest and even expertise in the product area you choose. You also need to find a balance between items with a ‘niche' appeal and those which are likely to have a widespread interest (but where competition will be fiercest.)

Building a WordPress site

WordPress sites are popular because they can be set-up without having to have extensive knowledge of web design or coding. If you are starting your affiliate marketing business from scratch the first thing you'll need will be a domain name. This will have to be relevant to the products you intend to promote. While the branding of these items will rest with the advertiser, you can certainly assimilate them into your own area of interest. So choose an overarching title which will give your customers a sense of what you are promoting.

Once you have installed WordPress, browse the dashboard and go through the process of deciding on your site theme, together with ‘widgets' for the sidebar and plugins. If you are unsure about any aspect of building your web platform there is a host of online help available, via tutorials and user communities.


Content is crucial. Affiliate marketing is not simply a case of receiving a bunch of hyperlinks from the advertiser to be pasted onto your WordPress pages. Your ability to create a successful promotion campaign will hinge on how well you can engage with your customer base. So this is clearly not just a case of posting links and hoping people will drop by and feel compelled to click through to purchase. You have to create a sense of having a product on offer which will be of benefit to them.

The content of your website has to be so succinct and relevant to the products you are selling. It should never be static either as people returning to your website should be left with the impression you are running a dynamic business which is constantly evolving.

Join an affiliate network

You can join an affiliate network in order to touch base with other entrepreneurs who are operating in this field. You can also gain valuable advice and insider information, as well as marketing tools which you can download to be utilized alongside your WordPress plug-ins for maximum engagement.


Once your WordPress affiliate marketing site is up and running, the best way of keeping things ticking over this to thoroughly embrace social media. This is where you can create a buzz about the products who have on offer. Your audience can become part of your overall promotion strategy as they review your products and share information about them.

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