How to Move Your Belongings Abroad Cheaply and Effectively

How to Move Your Belongings Abroad Cheaply and Effectively

Moving abroad can be quite a complicated process for the expatriate or immigrant on a budget. Particularly if your employer is not paying your relocation expenses, or you don’t have an employer set up for you yet, you have to be quite careful on how you are spending your money when you are moving abroad.

Here are our my tips on moving abroad if you are an expatriate on a budget:

* Use the Airline Baggage Allowance to Your Advantage: If you are flying a substantial distance, the majority of the major airlines are going to offer you two free checked bags, one carry on bag, and one personal bag. Use this to your advantage. Additionally, to make sure that you are not over the 50 kg weight limit for the two checked bags, make sure that you diversify your packing. For example, place your shoes in your carry on bag and any jackets that will fit as well. This will allow you to fit more of your clothing in your bags and avoid any additional moving fees by sending them.

* Use a specialised currency service to move your money to your destination country and avoid high bank fees. By using the the right service, your savings will enable you to buy furniture and other things you need in your destination country.

* Go Furnished with Your Lodging: If you do not want to send your furniture and don’t want to invest in furniture abroad, pay the extra rent for an efficiency that is already furnished. By doing this, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money on your investment in moving abroad.

* If You Do Want to Ship, Think By Boat: Many people do not realize that there is an affordable snail mail option for shipping items abroad. If you ask at your local post office, you will learn that there is a way to send your items by boat and it will take roughly three months depending on the distance. For example, I shipped five boxes from Seoul to San Diego and it took three months and cost me $20 per box. If you have time and plan in advance, this is a great way to avoid considerable surcharges when shipping items abroad such as winter coats.

* Consider a Container: If you do have a great deal to move and know that you are going to be abroad for a considerable amount of time, consider investing in a container. This is a way to get all of your items in one place being shipped at once. This is not always the most economical option, but it depends how much you need the items that you are shipping to justify the price. If you are moving your entire family, this could be a viable option for you to consider as well.

* Have Relatives Assist You: Another way to utilize the airline baggage requirement to your advantage is to make your relative bring a suitcase for you with items you will not need until later on in your stay abroad. This is another way to save a great deal of money on the free baggage allowance that are offered by most major airline carriers.

* Consider Leaving Your Furniture in Your Home Country: If you are taking a one-year assignment, why pay for your furniture to come if your employer isn’t giving you an allowance? This is a debate that you need to honestly have with yourself because your Ikea coffee table, for example, may not be worth shipping abroad. With all of the wonderful stores that have affordable furniture all over the world, you will be able to furnish your one-year apartment quite easily.

These days, there are many affordable ways to move abroad. Given the plethora of economical shipping options, extensive international flight choices, and means to find furnished accommodations, the expatriate on a budget can absolutely move abroad without spending too much capital.

The key is to be creative and not be afraid to do extensive research so that you can utilize your money in the most effective way possible when moving abroad.

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