How the Ayurvedic medicine moved to Bulgaria and became a phenomenon

Ayurveda - the world medicine

Ayurveda, over the last few decades, actively has made its way into Europe, while, even before that, it started to spread in the United States. The differences in the cultures between the Western world and the East, like religions, view of life, the way of thinking, render difficulties for the people of the Western civilization to make sense quickly and entirely of this medicine from India. However, they adopt it by its effect - in that it has a successful treatment for each disease.

The contribution of Ayurveda to the health care was recognized in global scale already in 1985 in ? designated UN report through the medical organization of the nations. It originated many millenniums ago. Ayurveda has been used for the prevention of diseases and for treatment at least for 5000 years. So, it became a traditional-for-the-East health science. Today Ayurveda is actively applied in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Tibetan and Chinese traditional medicines have developed on the basis of it. The study and the practice of the classical Ayurveda are a state politics of India, which supports multiple colleges and universities. The successfully graduated doctors and therapeutists receive a state license. And the graduation is not easy at all - to learn to differentiate among the 600 types of pulse deviations in the diagnosis, the licensed doctor has studied for 10 years.

Ayurveda clinics today have been developed in Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia. In the last years, they entered in Bulgaria as well, such as Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko where it is guaranteed that the classical Ayurveda is applied - a licensed team works there, entirely from Indian doctors and therapeutists. Typical for these clinics is that they are with luxury accommodation for the patients, with provided organic food, all-day routine, which is also a model of what the patient’s lifestyle should be, medical examinations every day, therapies with original Indian herbs and oils, meditation, yoga exercises. From these clinics, such as the Ayurveda Clinic in Sofia, authentic Ayurvedic medical products can be purchased, if the doctor has administered home treatment.

Treatment of the whole body

The phenomenal of the Ayurveda is that it is not limited to the specific disease that has shown symptoms. This medicine eliminates the overall health deviations in the body and restores its complete natural activities. So, the basis for the occurrence and the development of the disease is eliminated.

How the Ayurvedic medicine moved to Bulgaria and became a phenomenon

The symptoms of the specific disease are signs, which guide the Ayurvedic doctor to the respective energy imbalances occurring in the body. For Ayurveda, the body activities are maintained by three energies, called Doshas. These biological essentials determine the physiology, psyche, mind; appropriate and harmful types of food; tolerance to the climatic conditions, predisposition to diseases, etc. All movements - of the blood, the blinking, the respiration, your thoughts, feelings, etc., are related to Vata energy. For the transformations - the food digestion, the metabolism - responsible is Pitta. For the liquids, the consolidation of the matter, responsible is Kapha. It connects with the immunity, as well as with the growth. The three energies are assigned by birth and for each person, they are in a unique balance. In their equilibrium, one or two of them, largely dominate to ? certain extent, and this state of balance determines the Dosha of the man.

If any of the Doshas - regardless of whether it is a leading Dosha, goes out of balance, this disrupts certain functions of the body. Furthermore, the variations in one Dosha usually activate imbalance in the other two, and complex energy disorders occur. The increase in the Dosha becomes with the wrong lifestyle, which includes the diet routine, emotional attitude, and excess in the wishes. The imbalance occurs in a certain principle. It is that the similar increases the similar things. For the cold Vata Dosha, for example, counter-indicative is the cold food, and for the hot Pitta - the hot things are counter-indicative because they would increase them and would destroy the balance. For the same reason, the cold food is counter-indicative for Kapha. Of course, the given examples are vague, just for illustration. In the treatment, the Ayurveda doctor makes up a complete plan that the patient should follow, as he lays down the motives as well.

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