How can you quench your thirst in the heat?

How can you quench your thirst in the heat?

It's no secret that the human body consists almost three quarters of water. Therefore, in case of its lack, the metabolic processes slow down considerably, the cells begin to lack micronutrients, and the person suffers from lethargy, apathy and lack of tonus.

The question of how to quench your thirst worries throughout the year not only amateurs of intense physical activity and the admirers of the bath, but also the absolute majority of people.There are many ways to fill the lack of fluid in the body, but not all drinks are good at coping with this task.

How does thirst arise and how dangerous is it?

To answer the question about how to quench your thirst properly, it is worth considering the mechanism of its occurrence. Recorders for the content of fluid in the human body are muscle tissue, as well as the circulatory and lymphatic systems. In addition to water, they contain such trace elements as sodium, potassium and magnesium salts, which are necessary for complete metabolic processes in the body. In the case of a change in the ratio of water and salt, blood vesselshave to suck out fluid from the surrounding tissues of the musculature.

How does thirst arise and how dangerous is it?

In this case, the fibers of the muscle tissue, experiencing a deficiency of fluid, transmit certain impulses to the brain. The deficiency causes the larynx and throat to contract severely after receiving the appropriate signal, which provokes a lower production of saliva. As a result, it becomes difficult for a person to swallow, and he is clearly aware of his desire to replenish water supplies. If you do not quench your thirst in time, you can feel the following unpleasant consequences:

            1. There is a disruption of the production of elastin and collagen, which greatly accelerates the aging process of the skin, makes it more wrinkled and outwardly similar to dry parchment.

            2. Muscle tissue in case of lack of fluid begins to dry up and slowly degrade.

            3. Blood viscosity indicators change, which can trigger the appearance of blood clots that clog the blood vessels. Consequences of such violations are usually in strokes and heart attacks.

The daily norm of consumed water can vary from 1.5 to 3 liters, depending on the physiological and other characteristics of a particular person. Liquid from the body quickly leaves both through urine and the gastrointestinal tract, as well as with breathing and sweating. Therefore, in the hot season, it is necessary to drink much more water than in a cold one.

How can I quench my thirst in the summer? The best way to say goodbye to thirst in the summer heat is to drink a couple of glasses of a suitable liquid, having sustained a pause between receptions in 10-15 minutes. A few minutes after you drank the first portion, it is necessary to make sure that the feeling of dryness in the mouth has completely disappeared. If you still feel thirsty, it is worth sipping slowly one more glass through the specified time interval.Thanks to this method, it is possible to eliminate the feeling of lack of fluid with the greatest efficiency, but what drink is best for quenching thirst?

How does thirst arise and how dangerous is it?

Contrary to the opinion of many people, ordinary water is not the best way to quickly remove thirst. Why? The fact is that in the hot period of the year a person has to sweat very intensively both during the day and at night. This provokes excessive loss of both moisture and the mass of important trace elements, such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus.

For this reason, the body needs to replenish the water and salt reserves directly. If a person drinks ordinary water in sufficient quantities, there is an increased loss of various salts, while the feeling of thirst disappears only for a short period. Therefore, we can say that the more you drink water - the stronger and more you want it.

How can I quench my thirst in the heat? Is there an exit? Yes! Drink mineral water. Solutes dissolved in it will replenish the balance in the body in the required volume. However, study the label carefully. The fact is that excess mineralization is suitable only for treating the gastrointestinal tract, so choose water in which the salt content is not more than 10 g per 1 liter.

There is another good way - cool water with lemon. Try adding a lemon slice to the glass: natural acid will help to get rid of the feeling of dryness in your mouth.

Herbal tea

Warm herbal tea helps to quench your thirst quickly. The composition of this drink is extremely rich in essential vitamins and mineral salts, which can slow down the absorption of fluid through the walls of the intestines, so that you can forget about thirst for a long period of time.

Of course, we are talking only about self-brewed herbal tea, and not about ready-made sweet drinks from the supermarket. Cold tea makes it possible to create a feeling of coolness, and hot tea stimulates the separation of sweat, which entails cooling the body due to the intense loss of excess heat that goes with evaporation.

Herbal tea

It should be noted that black or green tea will only aggravate the problem. They contain too many tannins that irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa; in addition, these drinks contribute to the rapid removal of fluid from the body, which provokes dry skin and the appearance of early wrinkles.

Other drinks

Speaking of drinks that quench your thirst, you should not forget about natural juices.However, you will help your body to get rid of thirst and get a dose of vitamins and trace elements only if it is a question of natural freshly squeezed freshes, in which there is no sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and other harmful ingredients.

What will help youto quench your thirst instead of juice or tea? For such tasks, a compote of dried fruits or fresh apples, pears and seasonal berries, supplemented with a sprig of mint, is quite suitable. It is very good and useful to drink fruit drinks from sour fruit or berries.

Recommendations and warnings

So what is the best way to solve this problem? How to quench your thirst without harm to your health? As it turned out, this can be done perfectly if you drink herbal or ginger tea, natural juices, compotes, fruit drinks. However,you should not quenchdryness in the mouth with the following drinks:

  • Packaged juices, sweet fizzy drinks are definitely a bad decision, since such drinks can quench your thirst only for a short time, but soon this feeling will come back and become more troublesome. A huge amount of sugar in these drinks contributes to rapid obesity and the development of diabetes.
  • Coffee (like black or green tea) is a strong diuretic drink, so it can lead to excessive loss of moisture.
  • All alcoholic beverages (like beer and kvass) increase the acidic environment in the body, leading to severe dehydration. In addition, such drinks disrupt the balance of potassium, which often entails various problems with the cardiovascular system, up to heart failure.

Drink only natural healthy drinks. Do not harm your body, and then you will feel only health and vivacity all day.

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