How Savings Account Helped me Get Admission in College?

How Savings Account Helped me Get Admission in College?

It’s interesting how little things can take you through the memory lane to relive some special moments of your life. Just like this litthi-chokha my junior brought from her hometown in Bihar. It reminded me of the last litthi-chokha that I had in Darbhanga, my home town. All the so-called authentic Bihari delicacies here in Chennai have been tampered with local spices altering the taste of this special delicacy! Hence, I was really thankful to this friend of mine who got me my favourite home-town dish with all its flavours intact while I am preparing for my placements next week. So how did an average middle-class girl from Bihar land in Chennai for her post- graduation? Well, it’s not a very long story.

From my school days, I have been helping my brother, who is 4 years younger than me, in his studies. By the time I was in the 10th standard, I was giving tuitions to most of his classmates. By the time I finished school, I had saved a reasonable amount of money from all the tuitions I gave, although, it wasn’t enough to pay the admission fee of any reputed private college. I didn’t want to bother my parents as they had to take care of my brother’s academics as well. So, I decided to take admission to the district government college against my wishes.

But you can’t hide your feelings from your parents, can you? One day my father came up to me and asked if I wanted to study in a better college and even before I could respond, he came up with another question “how do you plan to pay your education fee?”. I wasn’t prepared for this question, so I replied bluntly “I don’t know”. But he knew the answer. He asked me about the money I had saved from tuition classes. I told him it wasn’t enough and he laughed. I was perplexed. He explained that though it might not be enough yet, but if managed well, it will be enough for my post-graduation. Now I was listening, he told me to put my money in IndusInd Bank’s savings account, which will earn me good interest rates.

The next day I opened a savings account with IndusInd Bank and deposited my savings into it. Over the next three years, I kept depositing my stipends from internships, fees from the tuition classes into this special savings account. The results were fascinating. I completed my graduation with flying colours (touchwood!), got admission to this reputed university in Chennai. Surprisingly, this time I had enough to pay for the admission fee thanks to the small investments, which my father had suggested to make in my IndusInd Bank’s savings account. And hence, the girl who loved gorging on litthi-chokha ended up having sambhar rice three times a day!

My IndusInd Bank savings account is still up and running. The good interest rates and several other benefits make it an easy choice. Last month I bought a formal suit for my placement interviews with the help of the reward points, which I receive after every transaction. In fact, my brother has also opened a savings account in IndusInd Bank. Maybe now he can pay me for all the tuition lessons!