How Many Views Does a YouTube Video Get - Average Views by Category

How Many Views Does a YouTube Video Get - Average Views by Category

YouTube has been named as the second most-used search engine platform after Google and happens to be the subsidiary of Google, pretty impressive as how one company is saturating the search engine market. YouTube is the video-watching and video-uploading platform and people have been inkling towards it more promoting their brand image or for earning money. However, many people are confused that which niche is the most popular and what type of videos are gaining an immense number of views.

In this article, we have added multiple niches available on YouTube on which people create videos along with the stats of how many views they are likely to earn. So, have a look and see what you want to capture from this market!

How-To & Tutorial Videos

On averages, these videos tend to have 8,332 views per video which include informational content such as recipes, makeup tutorials, beauty hauls, and guides to using a certain piece of equipment. If you are looking for videos, we would suggest opting for the how-to videos. Buy YouTube Views.If you consider this niche, the video named, “thigh massage video” has managed to gain 270 million and it was first uploaded seven years ago. Many people would think that video was highly informational but the main reason for its popularity lies in the comment fights over religious freedom.

The Blogs & Personalities

These niches of the video tend to earn 2,354 average views per video as they range from being helpful to being surreal. This niche is mainly focused on the vloggers who have captured YouTube and each of their videos tends to go viral. This is more of a non-branded content and even then, the number of videos from this niche goes up to 33 million only in the last 30 days. The most famous video of this niche is a video of a girl with a bottle of coke, mentos, in a toilet which is pretty vague but still, it managed to earn 274 million views.


This niche of the YouTube videos has around 9,816 average views per video and is considered one of the most active niches. The plethora of videos in this niche is literally immeasurable because people are always looking for something which pushed the content creators to supply the demand and fulfill it. In the entertainment category, the videos with the highest number of views are The Ellen Show which has managed to earn 3.5 billion views and 10.3 million subscribers by uploading 5,000 videos. However, the most famous video of this niche is, “What does the fox say” and has managed to earn around 487 million views.


Believe it or not, people are crazy about gaming and the views on gaming videos are 3,050 on average. According to YouTube, gaming videos have a 15% share on the niches, and have been named as the second-highest niche on YouTube because in the last seven days, it has managed to earn one billion views. The most famous video of this niche is “Cars 2 HD Gameplay Compilation” which was added by DarkZeroTV and has managed to earn 112.5 million views.


This niche of YouTube videos has an average of 4,872 average views. There are multiple videos in this niche that belong to the “How-To” video because people tend to ask YouTube for the answers to their study-related question. According to stats, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has managed to earn over 440 million views. It’s needless to say that rhymes and teaching are the most used keywords in this niche.


The average views per video in this niche are 5,676 and the collective number of views are said to be around six trillion. The videos produced in this niche include car videos, driving tutorials, car reviews, and other transport topics. Moreover, people tend to look for vehicle parts information as well. The most famous video in the niche is Jean-Claude Van Damme which has managed to earn 77 million views. This brand has multiple videos and has been uploading since January 2015.

Bottom Line

It’s needless to say that YouTube is booming and with each passing day, the number of audiences is increasing. Moreover, there are many other niches such as fashion and travel. So, choose which niche you are interested in and give it your all!