How European Citizenship can benefit business men from Indian and the Middle East

How European Citizenship can benefit business men from Indian and the Middle East

Global restorations on immigration are tightening all the time, therefore being involved in a citizenship by investment programme offers another way to enjoy more freedom of travel when it comes to living abroad. Because of this, it is predicted there will be a huge increase in demand in citizenship by investment in the coming years, in particular from businessmen in India and the Middle East.

CBI schemes are opening and being introduced all the time, by countries all over the globe, especially in Europe. The immigration rules in the US are expected to get evermore tighter, therefore interest in European CBI programs are on the up. Another factor that has boosted the interest in these schemes is the UK leaving the European Union, meaning many British people may be interested in investing outside of their country.

There are many countries Europe that are already offering a Citizenship by Investment opportunity for foreign investors, including those from India and the Middle East. These include the likes of Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland, Portugal, and more recently, also in Montenegro and Moldova. This means that those that take part are able to legally live, work, and register their business in the county.

It is the last point that is usually so appealing to businessmen from Indian and the Middle East, as automatically the reach of their business has the potential to grow much more dramatically.

1. No visa needed

There are many reasons why EU citizenship is so popular, but one of the main reasons is simply the fact that EU citizens are able to enter over 100 countries without a visa, making an EU passport one of the most desirable in the world.

2. Health Care

Whenever in any of the 28 member states of the European Union, EU citizens are able to benefit from the healthcare services.

3. Property Ownership

Another great benefit is that with an EU passport, you are able to own property within any countries in the EU without a permit. This can have some huge benefits for Indian or Middle Eastern businessmen as it will allow them to live in other countries for an extended period of time in their own home. This, in turn, means that business can be conducted more effectively in this country.

4. Fast track

It may be a simple one, big for many the fact that an EU passport can help fast track you through customs is very appealing. When coming into an EU country, non-EU citizens often have to queue for a very long time before entering the country. Those with a European passport can hop in the EU line and be through in half the time.

5. Full working rights

By taking part in a Citizenship by Investment programme, investors are able to stay and work in any other of the EU member countries. This opens up some huge business opportunities for those involved in the programme, as more potential markets are opened up.

6. Speed

Residents of a country often have to wait years before they apply for citizenship to a country. CIB programmes offer a direct route, streamlining and speeding up the process considerably.

What is clear that in the coming years we are expecting to see dramatic growth in both investment opportunities and those choosing to invest. Middle Eastern and Indian businessmen who are looking for more opportunities to expand their business are starting to consider this as a viable option, especially thanks to all the additional benefits that come with the investment.