Home Maintenance Tips - Saving Money in The Long Run

Home Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance is something many of us often neglect. Like your vehicle, your most expensive and beautiful home benefits from regular tune-ups.

Because we keep ourselves busy in our regular daily and weekly responsibilities, maintenance is something homeowners don’t take thought of. In this article, we have summed up four easy home maintenance tips every homeowner should follow to save money in the long run.

1.Replace Your Furnace Filters Seasonally

As part of seasonal maintenance, make a habit of replacing your furnace filters

Replacement depends on how often your furnace is used but an average furnace filter replacement time is 30 to 40 days. Your HVAC system regulates the home temperature, so it is very important that it should be properly maintained.

It is advisable to perform regular seasonal maintenance to prevent future disruption that will make you uncomfortable and results in hefty electricity bills.

Checking air filters seasonally will also help you save the cost of emergency air conditioning repair.

2.Install LED or CFL light bulbs

Energy saving is the job of every homeowner.

LED and CFL bulbs are especially introduced to save you a lot of money on energy bills, plus they have much longer lives and eye soothing brightness than normal incandescent bulbs. Consider installing some especially in areas like the living room or kitchen, where the use of lights is for long periods.

They are also good for your back hallway or basement.

The cost of LED lights and CFL bulbs tend to be cheaper compared to normal bulbs and are preferable in terms of performance and stability.

3.Wrap Exposed Water Pipes

You should wrap exposed water pipes in insulation so that they do not drop the heat as they move water to the faucet.

Wrapping them especially in cold basements can easily make a difference in the water temperature, and allows hot water to reach the faucet faster.

4.Mark Any Cracks in The Basement

Have you checked your home’s basement walls?

If not, do it right now.

There are many homes found with a few small cracks in their basement walls either due to the weight of the house or from the settling of the foundation. If the small cracks are not growing, you are safe. If they’re growing, fix them now to save a ton of money later.

With the help of masking tape, you can check if the cracks are growing or not. Take a tape and cover up the end of any cracks, and write today’s date on the tape.

After a few months, check the tape to see if a crack is growing out of the tape. Call a specialist, if needed.

Create A Checklist

One final tip: create a home maintenance checklist. This should include regular tasks that you’d want to do on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. This check and balance list will help you save money over time.

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