Having a Flu? How to Differ from a Common Flu and a Coronavirus?

Having a Flu? How to Differ from a Common Flu and a Coronavirus?

Scared whether the slight discomfort you feel in your throat or the bad cough is a symptom of the coronavirus? Over one lakh people across the world have been infected with the coronavirus, and the whole world is in a panic situation. Coronavirus is something to be taken so seriously, as news is talking about the event cancellation, empty flights and healthcare precautions and more. People are now worried about the small tickle in their throat or the small coughs. Here we discuss the major differences about the normal flu and coronavirus so that you can be sure about the flu and the coronavirus.

According to Dr Greg Poland, a professor of medicine and Infectious diseases of Mayo Clinic states, “The issue with seasonal allergies is that they affect the nose and eye. They tend to be nasal, and most symptoms are localized to the head unless you also experience a rash. The flu and the novel coronavirus, these affect other systems and the lower respiratory tract. You probably won't have a runny nose, but what you might have is a sore throat, a cough, a fever or shortness of breath. So it's a subtly different clinical diagnosis”. [Source: CNN]. Below we have indicated the symptoms according to the type.

1. Cold or Allergies

- Itchy Eyes

- Stuffy Nose

- Sneezing

2. Flu or Coronavirus

- Fatigue

- Body Aches

- Coughs

- Fever

- Worsening Symptoms

3. Coronavirus

- Shortness of Breath

- History of Travel

- Exposure

If your cases are comprehends to sections (2) and (3), and then it’s advised to get check with a doctor. However, symptoms and risks can vary from person to person. Allergies make you feel tired, but it doesn’t cause severe muscle or joint ache, whereas an acute case of coronavirus would make you driven to bed. Taking precautions to prevent the spread is very important and may need to stay vigilant. Symptoms are thought to appear between two and 10 days after contracting the virus, but it may be up to 24 days as well.

But Poland also points out that the initial stages of colds, cases of flu and the coronavirus are similar and some coronavirus cases doesn’t raise any concerns. If the symptoms persist, call in for help from the dedicated numbers.

In India, tech companies are now very alert about the scenario with the precaution steps. Commenting on this, Praveen Krishna. Head - Public Relations, Sify Technologies, says, “At Sify, we have taken certain precautionary measures to safeguard the employees like daily mailers on hygiene, use of sanitizers, awareness through WHO videos, reporting colleagues who might be coughing or sneezing inordinately, no physical contact with each other and more”.