Government of India on a Mission to Weed out Fake News

Government of India on a Mission to Weed out Fake News

The Government of India has proposed new rules to Section 79 of the IT Act and plans to impose steeper penalties on apps and websites that fail to crack down on curbing inappropriate content. Business leaders are facing mounting scrutiny over their content moderation practices.

Regulatory pressure, coupled with the overwhelming rise in user-generated content, mean brands are on a mission to seek out scalable and proactive measures to take down illegitimate content which tarnish reputations.

“A brand’s reputation is on the line every day, with users from all over the world contributing and sharing content at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere. With the rise in social sharing and the government proposed plans, judging the appropriateness of content has become a mandate for all businesses, 24/7”, says Bhupender Singh, CEO, Teleperformance Digital Integrated Business Services

“The stakes are high as the government is imposing high sanctions such as fines and shutting down sites which fail to flag up and take down inappropriate content. Top of mind for business leaders is being able to find ways to reduce the backlog, increase accuracy and resolve efficiency problems associated with stopping the wide-spread of misinformation”, he adds.

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