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Godmen of India Who are more Famous for Controversies than Spirituality

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 21 August 2013, 12:47 Hrs   |    6 Comments
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Bangalore:  India, a country well known for spirituality is the birthplace of many great spiritual gurus such as Buddha, Vallalar, Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Shankaracharya, etc who have selflessly brightened the lives of thousands of people by sharing and imparting the precious knowledge which they have attained. But, modern day spiritual gurus or ‘godmen’ are in no way similar to those great personalities and they mostly engage themselves in activities that will fetch them personal gains and that will make their own lives better. As such they employ selfish means to fulfill their wants and this often leads to controversy associated with the spiritual leaders and their task. Here are the names of the controversial spiritual leaders/gurus in India as listed by IndiaTv-

1. Ichchadhari Sant:

Ichchadhari Sant, a self proclaimed spiritual guru named himself Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot and he claims to be a follower of Sai Baba. This godman who landed in Delhi in 1988, started his career as a security guard at a five-star hotel at Nehru Place. But, in 1997, he was first arrested in Lajpat Nagar for running a prostitution racket with a massage parlour as a fascia which involved former airhostesses and students. After he was released from Jail, he changed his path and considered himself as a disciple of Sai Baba. Over the past decade, he had built assets worth several crores. He owned a 20-acre plot in Chitrakoot where he was building a hospital and a temple and house in Delhi. He had also rented three government flats in different areas of South Delhi. This godman now conduct religious discussions and congregations and also released a video CD entitled “Shri Sai Amrit Varsha.”

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Reader's comments(6)
1: I dont know about rest but go and see by your eyes the reality DERA SACHA SAUDA. Dera has initated 100 society welfare activities for human welfare, we are helping natural disaster victims, bring prostitutes into mainframe, we have name Limka, Guinness and asia book of records in the field of BLOOD DONATION, TREE PLANTATION, HUMAN ORGAN DONATION, BODY DONATION AFTER DEATH and many other records.
Posted by:Niitn Kumar - 04 Sep, 2013
2: It is unfortunate that women have more faith and belief in the living gods than men. Most of the women followers of Sibaba, Nithyananda, Ramdev, Kanchi Jeyandra Sarawathi and so on I could come across are very young and frustrated or perverted women. That is how they easily fall prey to this godmen. Most of the godmen are always surrounded by women. May be to attract more followers and could be for their mutual benefit. They also accumulate huge wealth within short span. Who is paying them and for what services so much is being paid. Many senior politicians and bureaucrats from different countries visit them for satisfying their needs as it is the safe root from media and police in the guise of religious faith. History also reveals that most of the living gods are running brothels in their Ashrams. Hence there is an urgent need to check the living gods of how they are able to accumulate so much wealth and what type of activities they are doing overtly and covertly.

Many politicians and senior bureaucrats are parking their black money in the Ashrams of black money with a percentage as service charge as Ashrams are insulated from Tax and raid by enforcement Directorate or any other investigating their source. Their earning should be taxable and their source should be clearly ascertained to ensure internal security of India as most of the terrorists are funded through them.

One supporter of these type of activities had commented that they have been doing some good services to the people. It may be right for those who have the belief that we should see the end not the means. So you enlist the innocent women into prostitution covertly and fight for women's empowerment overtly. Will the end justify the means. The perverted and unbalanced person like Aravinda should know how to comment in a sensible way not through their blind faith religiously and politically.
Posted by:Rajasekaran N - 22 Aug, 2013
3: There is nothing wrong saints advising the Govt. and politicians,even go back to pre- independence time many saints contribute more to the nation.
Posted by:keerthikumar - 22 Aug, 2013
4: A report in retrospect like this hardly does any good.

What about those who are established but still to become 'popular' for the wrong reasons and are continuing to exploit gullible 'followers'?

What about those who are sprouting by the day, with similar modus operandi of whetting their appetite for worldly pleasures?

What can this media do facilitate nipping in the bud of proliferating charlatans? For example, how about an advisory for those who wear their victim identity on their sleeves and fall easy prey to the MLM networks of these god-men.

It's time some clean up happens in this sector, possibly far more urgently than the political clean up the public is crying hoarse for. After all, in a democracy like ours, it is of primary importance to protect humanity and its essence from being mauled and exploited, if we want an electorate capable of making informed and independent choices.
Posted by:Pranayanand - 22 Aug, 2013
5: May be what you have said is right, but my question is, do you know that number of such people is very less compared to huge population of India? There are far more number of real spiritual Gurus who doesn't come to limelight because they just don't need it but still keep doing good to society, why doesn't that attract your eyes? What's wrong with Indian media why is it giving such a negative image about their own country to our youth? If you just can't find good in Indian society just shut your mouth. The people who believe on what people like you yell are just idiots and nothing else. Because that shows they don't have their own mind to think beyond what you said and they don't bother to verify whether your words are true or not. Shame on people like you and the people who think what you said is right.
Posted by:Aravinda - 21 Aug, 2013
Sir, the media brings to notice true picture of whats happening in our country.... if they dont show news .. then these GOD MEN will make life a living hell .....so you see that in your contacts people are good, prevent atrocities against women if you come across... yu take initiative to help women in your path ... this way we can improve our country..... JAY SHREE RAM
Vijaya Shanbhag Replied to: Aravinda - 22 Aug, 2013