Gen VK Singh Retires, Ending Controversial Tenure

Gen VK Singh Retires, Ending Controversial Tenure

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 31 May 2012, 11:48 Hrs   |    9 Comments
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Bangalore:  Finally it is time for General V.K. Singh to retire his 42 years of Army service. He has made multiple opinions in the minds of people when he ends up his military service. His service especially after he took over the post Army chief on 31 March 2010 was filled with many controversies. However the controversies followed him in his tenure made him one of the most popular Army Chiefs of India.

V.K. Singh will hand over his power to Eastern Army Commander General Bikram Singh, who will have tenure of two years and three months.

'Let him retire peacefully,' is what Defence Minister A.K. Antony is believed to have told some defence ministry officials, upset over the latest controversy following V.K. Singh's television interviews on his last weekend in office, As the agency reported.

The Army chief many a time found place in the news headlines. The list of controversies starts right from his false date of birth.  As per military records, V.K. Singh had two dates of birth (May 10, 1950 and May 10, 1951) one in the Military Secretary Branch and the other in the Adjutant General's Branch. When the dispute over the correct date of birth between him and government reached Supreme Court, he became the first serving officer of the Indian Army to take the government to court. At the end of the case the Supreme Court refused to accept his contention that 1951 was his year of birth.

Before the flames of the age controversy calmed down, he soon found place in headlines again. This time it was an allegory over a bribery offering made by a retired Lieutenant General for clearing a deal for procuring "sub-standard" Tatra trucks. The issue was raised when he claimed in an interview that he was offered Rs 14 crore bribery in 2010 by the retired officer.

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Reader's comments(9)
1: I am shocked to read the comments by some misinformed individuals challenging Gen VK Singhs integrity. How unpatriotic and thankless we can become during Peace Times is worth noting.
I recall when I was a student in BHU in Nov/Dec 1971 when a multitude of students would be at the Railway Station to offer sweets and flower garlands to the soldiers going to the war front.
Here is the Topmost Ranking Soldier of the same Army during Peacetime being targeted and criticised for being Honest and Non Corrupt.
Woe unto the Nation of such thankless people!
Posted by:Major Mathews - 03 Jun, 2012
2: Silicon India article writers just believe in making news that attracts money for them from politicians and anti national elements. Gen V. K. Singh has been the most outspoken brave soldier who has dared to take the culprits to the task. It doesn't show good as the nation when people like Silicon India says him "Controversial". Your news title should have included Brave Solider who cared about this mother land is retiring with honor.

Don't reduce your credibility Silicon India. People are not fool. People will brand your articles as paid/anti-india spirit articles.
Posted by:Nationalist - 31 May, 2012
3: Mr Anthony is most responsible Defence Minister we have. Long life to him.
Posted by:vinod - 31 May, 2012
4: News services in this country are irresponsible
Posted by:vinod - 31 May, 2012
5: He can atleast now take rest for a while. hope the media won't follow him now
Posted by:lols - 31 May, 2012
6: i must say that whoever has written this article is totally an irresponsible an indifferent and least-bothered type. for his information:
- the DOB of the GEN is not false. it's a mistake in his service records as has been aptly proved. otherwise he could have faced disciplinary action. his actual DOB is what he fought for because that was the date in his school records
- the action against Gen Suhag is not of his own. before approving action, there are a lot of procedures like inquiries, etc at the end of which if found guilty the case is recommended for disciplinary action by the system. as Chief, he has to approve it if the case stands to merit and that's what he has done.
- as far as leaking of letter to PM is concerned, it has already been proved and has been in papers that it was done by a lady JS in cabinet secratariate/ MOD. what action was taken against her?
Posted by:ajit - 31 May, 2012
you are wrong bro. If the date of birth what he fought for was correct why the court judgment turned against him? his followers though he would resign then but he didn't do. In the second controversy it has not yet completely proved that it was leaked by the lady, If u have so much love towards VP sigh it doesn't mean that u should mis represeny facts. There is nothing wrong with the news since the same was reported by IANS too.
laugh out Replied to: ajit - 31 May, 2012
The Court did not rule that he was born in 1950. It ruled that the date of birth matter is not under its jurisdiction and should be resolved mutually with the Govt and if that was not satisfactory the General could take it up with the Army tribunal. Then the General decided to withdraw the case.
Avinash Replied to: laugh out - 01 Jun, 2012
In the 42 years of service it is unfortunate it never occred to him to correct this contrvertial DOB, but at the fag end of his service? He is worst than a politician. I do not think, it will end here. He has more worms to spill.He is not a man to call a spade as spade.Expect more.
S Thiruvengadam Replied to: Avinash - 01 Jun, 2012