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Ganguly, Dravid, Dhoni: Who's the Best Captain?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 20 April 2012, 12:13 Hrs   |    61 Comments
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Bangalore: All three had captained the Indian team (One still does) - in three different styles and all the three are at very different stages of their careers today but the Indian Premier League (IPL) brings them together on a single platform where their leadership skills are evaluated them - Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni once again – quite differently.

All the three have contributed immensely to Indian cricket and many argue that a comparison of these outstanding three is unfair. However, debate, undoubtedly, is also the best part of watching sport. And there is the IPL battle being played out in front of us and so, we can be the judges of the present without much of assumptions and imaginations.

There is a difference, a unique feel that Sourav Ganguly brings on to the cricketing field when he takes over the captaincy. And today when he is back with his leadership tactics on the field, the nostalgia begins to jumpstart among the cricket frenzy Indian crowd.

Ganguly’s inputs as the captain of Pune Warriors have been noticeable when his side overthrew the Mumbai Indians on the third match of IPL V. The furious captain rung in the changes and with his unique style, he made some remarkable field placements and as always, he was constantly looking for wickets.

Ganguly who took over the captaincy of Indian team at a very tumultuous period with a task of lifting a team that lost its credibility to the match-fixing controversy. He did rebuild the side reeling from the fallout and had to battle the odds stacked against the Indian team such as “tigers at home and lambs away.” The flamboyant captain created a team that wants afraid of anyone, just like Ganguly who always spoke his mind and dared the orthodox as he took off his shirt at the Mecca of cricket – eventually making the Indian team an aggressive and confident unit.

As today he leads a unit of new commerce, it should be noted that it was with his backing, India saw the emergence of a bunch of talented youngster like Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, and Harbhajan Singh etc. And in the absence of Yuvraj, Ganguly comes to the Pune Team as its captain and mentor, with a not-so-good record in KKR, to prove something and a motivated Ganguly can do wonders.

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Reader's comments(61)
1: _ _ _ _ is no idea but _ _ _ _ _ is gold and the mr. _ _ _ _ is bold fill in the blanks with approprite words (dada,dhoni,wall)
Posted by:NILADRI SAHANI - 20 May, 2012
2: Dhoni is the Best no doubt about it.
Posted by:Harish - 13 May, 2012
Rahul Replied to: Harish - 25 May, 2012
Aditya Replied to: Rahul - 01 Sep, 2012
5: ganguly is best captain among the three .and he is the DADA of indian captaincy
Posted by:vinesh - 13 May, 2012
DADA have no idea on captainship
Niladri Sahani Replied to: vinesh - 17 May, 2012
what a knowledge u have sir.u r good for nothing.DADA is the best
Aditya Replied to: Niladri Sahani - 01 Sep, 2012
8: DADA is best captain.......
Posted by:babu - 03 May, 2012
9: if DADA is best captain then why he lead KKR to bottom of the table thus evoking the owner to throw him out. but Dhoni is the only captain in the IPL whose captaincy remains unchanged, whereas other teams get their captains changed often.
Posted by:Gokul - 29 Apr, 2012
10: Dhoni rocks..he has won us 2020, odi world cup, 2 time ipl champion, champions league...u name it he has it
Posted by:goki - 27 Apr, 2012
dada is best ,he united the lagging team,wahat dhoni did is to drive a best team india,easier job
ani Replied to: goki - 28 Apr, 2012
12: Ganguly is a great captain and Dhoni is captain of a great side.
Posted by:Pradeep - 27 Apr, 2012
13: sourav ganguly is a great captain in india........
Posted by:prem love - 26 Apr, 2012
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Posted by:kuaiduinsh - 24 Apr, 2012
15: un doutly ganguli isthe onof the best captain in world he is the best
Posted by:biplob - 24 Apr, 2012
16: In every respect Gangulay is the best capatin amongst the three. Viz. Dhoni, Dravid and ganguly. Where as the best Indian capatin was Manzur Ali Khan pataudi.
Posted by:Arun - 23 Apr, 2012
Posted by:jose - 23 Apr, 2012
Posted by:BALRAM - 23 Apr, 2012
19: Ganguli made the best of Indian teams and Dhoni leads the best team. Results may not always reflect the process. Therefore, wining world cup or getting it back need not speak all about captaincy. In Kapil's time, the team-spirit was missing. If we go by Management processes of planning, orgainzing, leading and improving, Ganguli will certainly score over other Indian captains till date on every count. But this does not undermine the great contributions of Patuadi, Kapil, Dhoni, etc.
Posted by:debtoshdey - 22 Apr, 2012
20: Dada is always way ahead of this "Kachara" Dhoni.
Posted by:True Patriotic - 22 Apr, 2012
21: I admired with Dhoni capatancy. He has all leadership quality calm, cool, deliberate and offer credit to others. Because of attitude India leads to new altitude by winning world cup. so no doubt Dhoni is the best

Posted by:Anbazhagan - 22 Apr, 2012
Well said....nice post...except this coolly dhoni...
Kapil was the first (indian) all rounder captain..then came Ganguli,HE CREARER BEST TEAM FOR INDIA ,he was also a nice captain..but how we say ...this dhoni is a good captain...he is only heading a team of brilliant players....bad luck of indian team,,their captain doesn't have a forward defensive shot in his play-shots. poor dhoni.....go & learn how to bat....stylish batting line is always admired above then lappebazzi....
GIRI Replied to: Anbazhagan - 22 Apr, 2012
Completely true bro
True Patritic Replied to: GIRI - 22 Apr, 2012
24: the ganguly is the one of the most power-full caption in all cricket teams
Posted by:appireddy kurri - 22 Apr, 2012
25: Dravid is a great cricketer there is no doubt. But in captaincy Ganguly is best
Posted by:Kiran - 22 Apr, 2012
26: Dravid is a great crickter. But when it comes to captancy, the choice is between Ganguly and Dhoni. Both are unique, very different from each other, but effective.
Posted by:D Ashish - 22 Apr, 2012
27: no doubt ganguly is the best captain
Posted by:azhar - 22 Apr, 2012
28: Rahul Dravid was a one of the best captain in the world.
Posted by:Subhas Jaganoor - 21 Apr, 2012
29: No need to ask these kinds of question...Its only Ganguly..
Posted by:Ritesh Banerjee - 21 Apr, 2012
30: results awlways count! Who brought the world cup back to India ?..The conclusion of this debate is hidden in the answer .
The buck stops here ..
Posted by:nilesh - 21 Apr, 2012
The whole team of India brought the world cup back to India. Its not dhoni alone. and dhoni is a captain of a good Indian cricket team but ganguli was a good captain of indian cricket team.
Subhankar Replied to: nilesh - 22 Apr, 2012
32: cool captain is always best.He dominates the win against all
Posted by:prasanna - 21 Apr, 2012
Obviously, Saurav is the best captain on any day under any circumstances, he has proved that oftenly. Though succesfully overcoming the AUSTRALIAN onslaught by these Australians.
Prasanna Replied to: prasanna - 21 Apr, 2012
34: Ganguly shows that he is a high-spirited captain of his gang. Dravid is facing the Goliath but will he make hit?. Dhoni, at first seemed Do- Nhahee but getting back to strategy.
Instead of comparing Jasmine with Rose, enjoy seeing their individual talents in captaincy!
Posted by:Mithra - 21 Apr, 2012
35: Ganguly is the best ,,,,
Posted by:India - 21 Apr, 2012
36: Certainly Ganguly as he got the best 11 together giving opportunity to many young guns, Viru, Irfan Pathan, Zak, Yuvraj and even Dhoni are legends today, at the same time he was a superb batsman. The Wall - Dravid follows him just because he inherited the team from Ganguly, courtesy Chappel, but under pressure his batting suffered denting his as well as India's batting. Dhoni inherited a great team already built by Ganguly and with Dravid happy to play the Wall. His imagination is questionable esp when he has not shown any semblance of imagination while loosing very badly especially when he had a great pool of talent, courtesy IPL, to choose from. He cannot even be considered in the same league as Ganguly, Kapil, Wadekar, etc.
Posted by:JBP - 21 Apr, 2012
37: I feel Mr Wall is the best Captain.
Posted by:Ramvilas Chauhan - 21 Apr, 2012
38: Ganguly is the best captain of Indian team and Dhoni is captain of best Indian team.....it's the only fact...not more not less...
Posted by:Saurabh Jain - 21 Apr, 2012
39: Ganguly Dada is one of the Worlds best Captain, I have ever seen. He came back as a Captain of Pune Warrior team to fight back with his all opponents and to lift up the team. We will never ever forget his contributions during his captaincy in Indian Cricket Team. He is the real hero of Bengal.
Posted by:Sharad Mazumdar - 21 Apr, 2012
40: Ganguly is great.
Posted by:muthukumar - 21 Apr, 2012
41: Ganguly is great. He made India a fighting cricket team.
Posted by:Shilabrata - 21 Apr, 2012
42: Ganguly is the best Indian Cricket Captain so far, without any doubts whatsoever.
Posted by:BH Agarwal - 21 Apr, 2012
43: My opinion,Ganguly is the best ... If some one see's(who doesn't know him) any match easily then can identify who is Ganguly. Good Luck Sourav.
Posted by:Naresh - 21 Apr, 2012
44: Dhoni is the Best no doubt about it.
Posted by:krrish - 21 Apr, 2012
45: My opinion Ganguly is best captain always....
Posted by:Prakash - 21 Apr, 2012
46: Ganguly is my best captain for anytime , any conditon , any place , for ever.
Posted by:Soumitra Sa - 21 Apr, 2012
Posted by:soham - 21 Apr, 2012
48: Ganguly is the Best Captain of Indian Team
Dhoni is the Captain of Best Indian Team.
Posted by:Virender - 21 Apr, 2012
49: my best captian is ganguly for any time and anywhere
Posted by:dhanasekaran - 21 Apr, 2012
realy you have no idea on cricket
Niladri sahani Replied to: dhanasekaran - 21 May, 2012
51: Ganguly is the best captain
Posted by:Jayan - 21 Apr, 2012
52: Kapil was the best and now it has to be namma CSK cap Cap. Cool Dhoni
Posted by:Manu - 21 Apr, 2012
hey!!!!!!!!what are you saying???????????
Kaha raja bhoj or kaha gangu teliiiiiii
Ha hahahahahahaaa
anil Replied to: Manu - 21 Apr, 2012
54: After Kapil Dev Ganguly is the 2nd best Captain
Posted by:rishi - 21 Apr, 2012
Well said....nice post...except this coolly dhoni...
Kapil was the first (indian) all rounder captain..then came Ganguli,,he was also a nice captain..but how we say ...this dhoni is a good captain...he is only heading a team of brilliant players....bad luck of indian team,,their captain doesn't have a forward defensive shot in his play-shots. poor dhoni.....go & learn how to bat....stylish batting line is always admired above then lappebazzi....
anil Replied to: rishi - 21 Apr, 2012
Shut up! Before dhoni took captaincy indian team as gone to bottom by loosing in world cup and a series loose in england. For a cricketer style is not required. Dhoni average is 51
Naveen Replied to: anil - 29 Apr, 2012
57: nice post
Posted by:vimlesh kumar - 21 Apr, 2012
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Posted by:kaidnj - 20 Apr, 2012
59: None.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
Posted by:anumakonda - 20 Apr, 2012
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Posted by:cakeshyderabad - 20 Apr, 2012
Only on m.s Dhoni
Rajesh Ghosh Replied to: cakeshyderabad - 11 Jan, 2013