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From Vegetable Man to Crorepati: Kripashankar Singh

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 06 March 2012, 11:02 Hrs   |    16 Comments
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He then worked with Surya Prasad Mishra, a local Congress corporator from Kherwadi as a karyakarta 'functionary' in 1978, says an IndiaToday report.  Kripashankar used to accompany the corporator and within a few months, for reasons unknown, the latter asked him not to visit him again.

He was then seen with another Congress corporator Khan Bastiwala who denounced him after a while. "I did not like his conduct and asked him to stop coming to my office. He was spoiling my name and that of the Congress by his dealings, I did not like it," Bastiwala was quoted in IndiaToday.

After being rejected by both corporators, Singh turned to then Congress MLA Chandrakant Tripathi and also made friends with Congressman-turned-MHADA board chairman Janardhan Chandurkar in 1986; however, both of them decided to be disassociated with him after a while.

It was in 1988 that Kripashankar had his breaking point when he got himself associated with Pratibha Patil, now President of India. The IndiaToday article by Krishna Kumar revealed that according to a few congress sources, he helped Pratibha Patil to come clean in a certain issue and in return, she appointed him the organizing secretary when she became the president of Congress party in Maharashtra. He grew himself in the party to be made minister of state for home in 1999.

His term at the ruling government was the time his wealth grow quite dramatically and it was reported that Kripashankar doled out nearly 349 arms licences during his term of which 102 of them where allowed to a security agency owned by his friend R. N. Singh.

However, Kripashankar Singh, the MLA from Santa Cruz area of Mumbai, denies all the allegations and said, “I do not own those many properties as are being shown.”  "Let the law takes its own course. I will abide by the law and fight my legal battle in court," he said.

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Reader's comments(16)
1: These politicians will never allow CEC to introduce the No Vote option as they know that once if it is introduced then the majoity of the votes will be No confidence votes. These politicians amass the wealth by robbing off the common man. It is the wealth of Middle Class people like me who religoisly pay the taxes.( Upper Class may be in hand in glove with them. ) remeember 2G scam (businessmagnates and politicains nexus)
Posted by:SSS - 11 Mar, 2012
2: Krupa hai Ki rupiya hai ghaas khilakar note kamayawwah
Posted by:SSS - 10 Mar, 2012
3: After KRIPAs there might be many in 2012 standing in Queues.All hidden treasures and unaccounted money should be exposed and added to national corpus.
Many people will be held responsible for destroying the faith of people and Image of our democratic norms. Let us all pray that India soon be clean of all corrupt people.
Yes there are many genuine and honest people in our society and admin who will bring justice.
Posted by:MAK - 07 Mar, 2012
4: No body should be surprised to know this sort of wealth amassed by Kripashankar Singh. It will be the case with all politicians because we are blessed with the most corrupt political system on the earth. Police or CBI or ED do not investigate assets of any politician unless forced by the High court or Supreme Court. I am surprised looking at all the political parties who spent Hundreds if not thousands of crores of rupees during Election compaign only on travel expenses on Helicopters/ aeroplanes. Can any political party disclose the source of the money spent on election.
Posted by:Virendra Gupta - 07 Mar, 2012
5: This is a country of Opportunities.
Posted by:Jaikishen Bhatia - 06 Mar, 2012
6: I think kripa ussed to be sabzee wala to sonia same as Pratibha was a kitchen maid to indira
Posted by:dsadsad - 06 Mar, 2012
7: It happen to only peoples representative
Posted by:Anoj Kumar - 06 Mar, 2012
8: Sabzi se noton ki gaddi tak - kripa meri jaan!! Ex sabziwala bhaiya kahan tak pahunch sakta hai, ye ajuba hai. Remember sonia and rahul gandhis family has/have got lacks or crores under their direct control and balance amount (unknown) in their knowledge /have access to culprits (f).. mostly congressmen baba rest is also there also come central babus and local officers from n no of departments accumulate cash kind land jewellery valuables and many kinds of (f) it is damn difficult to say what will happen of India as long as sharad pawar & kalmadis live!
Posted by:Indian - 06 Mar, 2012
9: we people do not need good leaders in Election and this is result.
what you can expect from illiterate people ruling our country after so many years of independence.
We have same people coming back and again.
I saw today's election result and If it is not Mayawati, it will be Mulayam and not Mulayam than Rahul(Congress) Etc Etc.

people need to start understand 'right not to vote', when candidate do not have enough good quality to be elected.
this will make election commission to set minimum qualification for election candidates.
Posted by:Indian - 06 Mar, 2012
10: My GRRR8 country BHARAT MATA is truly a land of Kripa Shankar and Honey! May we have more....honey please?
Posted by:dukhidesi - 06 Mar, 2012
Why you need honey when you have money. Anybody in his place could have done it but should not have done at least for the people of the country.One should not be selfish, he should also donate it to the people of the country too na.......
giggle Replied to: dukhidesi - 10 Mar, 2012
Amba Amba Gamba Lamba. My My what is this O Bapu going in this country that you gave to us.My God when we ourselves are idiots then we get the ULTA results that we expect ! We people should see the education and knowledge,Experience level of a person who is going to rule us. A blind person cannot guide anybody. So my dear friends of my country it is we who make and made the mistakes.Let us find intelligent, educated and knowledgeable people for the highest posts of India our LAND ..
salman khan Replied to: giggle - 10 Mar, 2012
13: Not interested in politics, want to introduce my high efficiency, inexpensive,multifuel, scalable turbine into India to provide a paradigm shift in renewable and efficient energy production. This turbine is an enabling technology for on-site discount priced on-site distributed energy generation, and transportation. Sannerwind@gmail.com
Posted by:Jar Rose - 06 Mar, 2012
14: Ishake pass itana hai to Soniya aur Rahul ke paas kitna hota !!
Posted by:Deepak - 06 Mar, 2012
15: Kudos to Sonia ji and Rahul gandhi ........these guys will lead us in times to come there may be many kripashankars...... its the real discovery of India, these properties should be consficated and all be prosecuted but with fool proof investigation so that the case could not be demolished in court of law
Posted by:Deepak Tyagi - 06 Mar, 2012
why kudos to sonia. she has swiss bank a/c's and is also supporting conversion of hindus. what say u?
hindustani Replied to: Deepak Tyagi - 06 Mar, 2012