Food, Festivals and Cricket: The Love of Indians Abroad

The survey polled both categories of overseas Indians (those who have lived abroad for at least nine years and those born there). The survey revealed that both sets voted equally for the top three cultural signifiers. Yet, those with Indian descent (second or third generation Indians) were more enthusiastic about Bollywood and festivals, while direct emigrants from India preferred Indian cuisine and Ayurveda more.

Kiran Shetty, regional vice-president and manager director (India) at Western Union was quoted saying to TNN "Naturally, what binds Indians overseas and India together most of all is family and friends, no matter where they are spread in the world." He added that "Icons of culture also serve to define our national identity and Indians around the world have very consistent feelings on what those symbols are."

Shetty also said “It is encouraging to see that Indian culture is being handed down very effectively around the world, with Indians born overseas identifying with the exact same symbols of India as their parents do,” as reported by Business Line.

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