FIFA World Cup: 5 Worst Fouls In Football History!

BANGALORE: In the ongoing football World cup Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was banned for four months by world body FIFA for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez has also been suspended for nine international matches, ruling him out for the rest of the World Cup. This episode has once again brings light to many such shocking incidents that had occurred on the football field over the years. Check out the five infamous World Cup offences and their punishments, as compiled by Rediff.

Roberto Rojas, 1989 qualifier:

It was in 1989 when Brazil was facing Chile in a crucial qualifier where a victory for either team would have taken them through. During the match, Chile goalkeeper Roberto Rojas, assumed to be hit by a flair thrown by somebody from the ground, was lying on the ground bleeding.

Rojas’ head bleeding and T-shirt soaked in blood, was carried off the field and the authorities were forced to call off the game. Controversy marred the game and with a player injured, it looked for sure that Brazil would be debarred of taking part in the tournament. The truth later shocked the whole football fraternity as well as the fan all over the world. It was revealed that Rojas had used a razor hidden in his glove to cut himself while lying on the ground and with the flair hitting the ground, the timing was perfect for him to enact one of the most important scenes of the scandal. However, proving it to be an act looked hopeless until and unless some solid proof had been found.

FIFA wasted no time in awarding the victory to Brazil 2-0 by default and hence they qualified for the World Cup. On the other hand, Chile had to face the most disgraceful way of missing out on the World Cup. Rojas was banned for life with the coach and the medic also receiving similar punishments.
Chile not only missed participating in the 1990 World Cup but also was debarred from taking part in the 1994 World Cup.

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