Excellent And Free Business Tools That Are Available To Businesses

Excellent And Free Business Tools That Are Available To Businesses

Being a business owner means needing to make sound financial decisions on pretty much everything. This goes from getting supplies of the products that you are selling to the tools you are using to run your business. As such, whenever you can get excellent services or products for free, it’s always worth looking into the prospect. This is what today’s topic will be about.

There are currently business tools out there that offer some considerable benefits but are also free. Granted, they aren’t all free in the same ways, much like how something likeZalora coupons in Thailand might not be exactly you would expect. However, what matters is that you can make use of them without having to spend money, which you might want to take advantage of.


With the digital world being in the state that it’s in, what with all of the malware attacks and the hacking incidents going on, you need to protect yourself with a reliable anti-virus software. On that note, you don’t really need to pay to get such protection, not when you have Avast to turn to.

The famed PC protection tool is available as both a free and premium version, with the latter being the paid service. However, even if you just use the free version, you are already getting a substantial level of protection from cyber threats. Then, if ever you decide that it’s worth paying for, you can go ahead and get the premium plan.


The digital age has opened a lot of doorways for business owners to take advantage of and among them is the ability to do video conference calls quite easily. This is something that most people take for granted, not really appreciating just how wonderful and miraculous being able to speak to multiple people who might be in different parts of the world actually is. This is what Join.me can offer.

Through this free service, you can speak to clients, employees, or remote workers wherever in the world they may be. For those in the import-export business or are involved in drop shipping, for example, this tool can be incredibly useful.


Money is always in the mind of a business owner, especially with regards to capital. More money means being able to offer more services, expand your influence, and invest in improved versions of what you are offering right now. Through EquityNet, you can access a crowd funding platform for free and it can even help you out with creating your business plan.

You basically create a pitch and then present it on the platform. If anyone is interested in providing you with funding, you can get the capital you need. That’s why you definitely want to make sure that your pitch is as solid as you can possibly make it. When you choose to take up the offer to save money using exclusive travel coupons, for example, you do so because you got convinced that it was worth it.


Keeping your books balanced is incredibly important to make sure that everyone involved in your business is happy. You’ll be able pay your employees, for starters, and you can keep replenishing your supplies so that your customers won’t miss out on what they wanted to pay for. Through Wave, you have a free service that can help you do exactly that.

Through Wave, you’ll get access to accounting and reporting features that are intuitive enough for even novices to use. It also allows you to scan invoices and receipts, which will record them directly into the system for recording purposes. It’s worth noting that you might need to supplement this service with a tool with more functionality to offer once your business grows bigger.


Task management is incredibly important in ensuring that a business succeeds. You need to make sure that everyone does their job properly and through Wrike, you’ll be more likely to achieve this. It does this through its plans that allow you to store and share files, monitor what your employees are doing, and what tasks are already done or need to be done. Best of all, it’s free.

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