Eight Longest Living People In the World


Jeralean Talley:

Born in 1899, Jeralean is a 115 years old United State’s resident. She was born in Montrose and had 11 siblings. She has three grand children, 10 great grand children and 4 great great grand children. She is a member of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist church, where people regard her as ‘Mother Talley’ with great respect.

Talley says that it is all God’s grace that she is still alive. Though she doesn’t feel sick, she faces some problems in hearing and loses her memory sometimes. She walks around with the help of walker. She is a member of supercentenarian.

Susannah Mushatt Jones:

The oldest living resident of New York and the second oldest living American, Susannah is 114 years old. She was born in 1899 in Lowndes County, Alabama. This supercentenarian has received tribute from Alabama House of Representatives and the United States House of Representatives.

She is blind, partially deaf and she use walker to move. She does not have any children. She has worked for many wealthy people as child care taker till 1965. She just takes a blood pressure tablet and the daily vitamins.

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