Dreaming of Your Own Outdoor Wellness Space? Make it Happen!

Dreaming of Your Own Outdoor Wellness Space? Make it Happen!

Has it always been your dream to have your own outdoor wellness space? Where you can relax and destress after a long working day? Make your dream come true and build your own outdoor wellness in your garden with our help. In this article we give you some basic ideas on how to transform your yard into a calming and soothing environment. Do you have a small garden? No big deal; you can also cosy up in a small garden.

Back to Basics

As you may have noticed in wellness centers, less is more. Relaxation is all about going back to basics, letting go and finding inner peace, without any distractions. In order to create a soothing and calming environment, we advise you to work with plain and clean designs. Use large, ordinary and smooth tiles and remember to keep it simple!

Enjoying real simplicity, peace and quiet, is also linked to mother nature. The calming effect of nature can be achieved by using natural materials like wood, bamboo, nature stones and concrete.


Relaxation is about letting go your thoughts and not having to think about anything. You don’t want any priers looking in. If you want to enjoy your outdoor spa, you may like to do it (half)naked. If you don’t want your entire neighbourhood to see you, it might be handy to create a hedge or fence to keep prying eyes away. Also for a fence, we advise you to use natural materials. You can use wood, bamboo (our favorite) or trees and large bushy plants.

Soothing Aromas and Sounds

As you may have noticed in wellness centers, they use soothing aromas and mystical music to create a zen-like atmosphere. There are many ways to create this soothing atmosphere in your own garden as well. You can let your phone play some slow relaxing music, burn a scented candle or burn incense. But you can also enable mother nature to create some soothing aromas and sounds. You can buy some aromatic plants like rosemary, thyme and lavender or hang a wind chime that only the wind can play.

Outdoor Wellness Facilities

For optimal relaxation and de-stressing, you should consider some real outdoor wellness facilities. Relaxation has a mental and physical component. A sauna and jacuzzi, for example, stimulate your blood circulation and lymphatic system and help you get rid of toxins. If you like to exercise as well, you should consider buying yourself a swimming pool or swim spa (Dutch: zwemspa kopen). Are these wellness facilities beyond your budget? Then try the cheaper options like inflatable hot tubs or pools.

Start realising your own outdoor wellness space, it’s worth the effort!