Digital India and its Impact on Travel Trends

Over the last decade the introduction of smart gadgets and affordable internet services have brought the world closer and changed the way every field of life has ever functioned. It has been a boon for people who love to travel. This has given rise to several cool new trends which was unheard of, in the past.

New Experiences have opened up

Since the Internet opens up doors to new experiences like never before, travellers are breaking the boundaries like never before. Exclusive experiences like winery tour, spice garden visits, orchard stay, or tea plantation trips were niche experiences which were enjoyed only by those who sought and went out of the way for these. But now these off beat experiences have changed the way people look at travelling. More and more plantations, orchards, gardens etc. are opening their doors to travellers which helps them in making more revenue and better maintenance.

It changed the way people live

A few years ago, a handful of hotels were the only places that you could stay at, on a trip. But with the help of digital revolution, various people are opening up their homes and property to offer travellers a very special and unique experience where the get to experience the land and culture at grass root level. For example, staying at a home stay in Ladakh gives you a taste of real Ladakh like no hotel can.

It changed the way people travel

Due to the recent internet revolution, the popularity of air travel has increased exponentially. The urban middle class which used to travel by flights very rarely now prefer the ease and convenience of air travel. As people can book their own flights, India has recently seen an increase in the number of airlines and a decrease in competitive prices. Services depend on the price one is ready to shell out, but it is undeniable that air travel has caught up.

New destinations have opened up

Owing to more information, popularity of home stays, plenty of people are visiting amazing off beat places which have not yet become commercialised. Not only does this help travellers experience the country from a much closer view, it has also helped improve the quality of life of the people of these remote locations as they get better lifestyle, exposure and money.

Significant increase in foreign travel

Indians have started exploring foreign locations like never before. Earlier a foreign trip was something which only rich people could afford. Now with better information, cheaper airlines and more travel and living options as well as elimination of agent charges, people have realised that they can easily afford to travel outside the borders of the country. It has also encouraged foreigners to explore more places in India than they have in the last decade.

It brought about transparency

Earlier, when people had little or no access to the internet, plenty of middlemen and touts made money by charging exorbitant amounts for tickets and hotel bookings. Some of these people even duped innocent travellers. But with the advent of online bookings everything is transparent. If you want to go to Malaysia, in order to save yourself plenty of trouble, instead of paying an agent, you opt for a Malaysia e visa and look into currency exchange and pick the best ones. You can even bypass plenty of extra expenses by doing it yourself.

Digital revolution in India has been a blessing in the field of travel and it has completely changed the way the entire industry used to operate, and it is only for the better.

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