Different Types of Mixer Grinders - Detailed Guide

Different Types of Mixer Grinders – Detailed Guide

One can categorize the mixer grinder on various ways such as the type of design, kinds of jars available and the core technology used in it. Considering the design aspect, there are primarily two types of mixer grinder that become popular nowadays; one is tower design, and the other is L shaped design.

Any expert would prefer the tower design because it saves the space in storage and looks stylish at the same time.

Mixer Grinder or JMG Types

The advanced models of mixer grinder sets come with some additional jars to execute additional tasks. For example, few of them included juicer jar for blending and many other things. Preethi zodiac is one such popular model which comes with Atta kneader and juicer jars too, which makes it complete food processing solution.

If you're bit confused between dozens of mixer grinders than you should read some genuine mixer grinder review in India to get the brief idea of the comparison process.

There is not one thing that one should compare there are many such as grade of steel which is used in jars, type of plastic used, rpm (revolutions per minute), the power of the motor, and capacity of jars.

While considering the type of jars always pays attention to the wet grinders, they are used to grind food ingredients in paste-like consistency by lubricating it. Mostly used various Indian dishes like Dosa, idli, etc.

Apart from the number of jars, their capacity, design, one should always consider the power of the motor. It is the thing that decides how much quantity can be processed at one time. Mostly 600-750 watt power motor is enough for food processing of medium size family. For a detailed guide, you should read mixer grinder buying guide to know more about comparison factors.

So, share your thoughts on what specifications you like the most and how do you choose the best mixer grinder.

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