Dhoni, the 'Captain Cool' Caught in Controversies

During the press conference adressed before the Indian cricket team left for England to participate in the ICC Champions Trophy, Dhoni replied back to most of the queries from the media ,with a warm smile about the recent spot fixing which involved three players from his own team i.e. Chennai Super Kings and this left the media persons more puzzled.

Controversies have popped up one after another over the spot fixing scandal. It has even reached to the most composed and successful Captain of the Indian cricket team. Further, it is claimed that he has 15.1 percent stake with Rhiti Sports Management and Mindscapes, owned by Arun Pandey, a close friend of Dhoni. It was considered a mega deal worth 200 crore which he was believed to sign two years back. This deal will gain him financially every time more players signed by Rhiti played for international or T20 matches representing India.

“In this case, there is a clear case of conflict of interest as Dhoni was a shareholder and had a stake in the company. If the players he is promoting plays he stands to gain,” said Latika Khaneja, head of Collage Sports Management,as reported Hindustan Times.

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