Defend Against Cash Heists with a Car GPS Tracker

Defend Against Cash Heists with a Car GPS Tracker

We often hear stories and see news of robberies at banks, unions and all different kinds of retail establishments. Conventional measures like CCTV or alarms are not advanced enough to prevent these crimes from happening any more. Banks and other financial institutions often use dye packs, fingerprints and security cameras to catch robbers. But modern problems need modern solutions. Many banks have started to use new options to protect money during transit, like advanced GPS trackers that are compact enough to fit in transit trucks.

The GPS Tracker used for money transportation is no different from a car GPS tracker, but the use of these trackers in the two scenarios is entirely different. When a GPS tracker is used in a car, it is for personal security, while in the case of banks, it is used to move money around safely. In case a crime occurs, law enforcement agencies get notified automatically, and the GPS tracker silently tracks the criminals. GPS trackers enable enforcement officers to lock in on the target and move in for an arrest. Gone are the days when cash service companies had to worry about transit safety. Advanced GPS trackers with camera technology are changing the way security is implemented.

A Reliable Partner For Security Of Cash Transports

The best possible way to prevent any mishappenings is to get a GPS Tracker with a camera that keeps a close eye on your cash transit vans. It protects and safeguards your transit vans transversely in a host of situations. A reliable and trusted GPS tracker device is worth the investment. You can make use of customization that tailors to specific business requirements in terms of location tracking, inside and outside live video streaming of the vehicle, two-way calling feature and much more.

Let us discuss how it is valuable to use advanced GPS trackers for your company’s money transits.

Real-Time Location Supervising

Moving cash is a risky job and involves plenty of logistics, supervision and planning. Most times, you stay curious about the location of the transport van. A GPS tracker allows you to see the motion and direction of the vehicle. It comes in handy for locating a stolen trailer in case an attempt is made to rob the cash van. The functionality of real-time location monitoring helps send out police forces at the right time, to the right place.

Sends Out Intelligent Alerts

An advanced GPS tracker observes vehicle speed, routes, engine start-ups & shutdowns. Not only does it monitor these things, but it also sends out intelligent real-time alerts leading to apt counters. These real-time alerts on this GPS tracker enable you to make quick decisions and formulate countermeasures. Instances where the transit van driver takes an alternative route and tries to steal the cash, a smart GPS tracker is extremely useful. You can make use of features like Geofencing and vanilla GPS to set up digital zones and send out live alerts if the van or trailer crosses the designated area.

Live Streaming Inside and Outside

Getting the location of the vehicle is not enough during a heist. A GPS Tracker with a camera helps identify the real culprits to put them behind bars. Advanced GPS tracker packs a dual camera for recording and streaming videos both inside and outside the transport van. The GPS tracker device also syncs the data to the cloud systems on a real-time basis. You can later watch the recordings of previous trips and find out how the heist plan was formulated.

Driver Safety & Performance

Most robberies are either carried out by an insider or happen due to the driver’s negligence. The use of a GPS tracker keeps a record of irresponsible behaviour such as rash driving, over speeding or breaking traffic signals. Such constant tracing by a GPS tracker minimizes accidents and provides a hassle-free transfer of cash.

Extra Security For A Safer Tomorrow

Human security for your cash transportation services is valuable, but when you add a GPS tracker device like KENT CamEye, it increases the level of protection for your transit vans. It is always better to be prepared than be sorry later. So what's stopping you? Avail a free demo trial for KENT CamEye and book your all-rounder GPS Tracker from Amazon India to get it delivered at your doorstep.