Cyber Security Software advantages

Cyber Security Software advantages

Cybersecurity is one of the most important factors in the modern age. Every single day we store more and more information’s in the cloud, we use remote based applications, we work remotely, and we are running out business on the Internet. Because of it, cybersecurity is as important as the traditional one. Check how and why you should take care of the safeties of your IT systems.

  • There are more devices than people, so implementing effective security systems might be challenging.
  • Cybersecurity is a process of protecting and recovering systems, networks and devices.
  • Cyber-attacks might have different forms.
  • Strong user authorization and authentication is the main factor in providing a safe cyber environment.

Nowadays there are more devices connected to the Internet than people in the world. This cause a reason why keeping a high level of protection. Cybersecurity is focusing on protecting systems, networks, and software from attacks. The main point of those actions is to get access, stealing data or blackmailing.

The cyber attack might be having a different form, one of them is Social Engineering. This is a process of manipulation, which leads to getting access to the computer. One of the most common ways of social engineering attack is phishing. Phishing is based on emails, which are coming from deceptive information’s, their aim is claiming personal informations like internet banking login and password.

Another way of cyber attack is called Advanced Persisted Threats (APTs). This is an attack on the integrity of the system. It is caused by an unauthorised user, who infiltrates the network and can stay there for a long time. The target of an attacker is to steal valuable data without causing harm to the network. The best attacks stay undetected! When your company stores valuable information’s, you are exposed to those kinds of threatens.

Malware is a kind of software which is gaining access and harming device without the knowledge of the owner. There are several types of malicious software like keyloggers, worms or spyware.

When you want to protect yourself and your company from the cyber-attacks, you should contact a professional company like Comarch. They stress out security from their first project. They focus on two main factors:

  • user authentication
  • authorization

They are developing software which is dedicated to different industries. You can find specific solutions for finance, banking and insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, loyalty management, and small and medium enterprises Comarch flagship products are Comarch tPro. This software is providing two-factor authentication and authorization. This product protects the transaction made by the customer and himself.

Another option which they offer is Comarch IAM, which is identity and access management software. Thanks to it, you will have wide control over access to company applications and resources.

If you are not sure what kind of actions you should take, Comarch can make a professional security audit. They will focus on risk and run penetration tests, standard compliance. You must know, that Comarch is improving every day and their team is focused on research and development, which is necessary for modern time.

If you need some references, you can check what companies are using Comarch services. There are leaders of the banking industry like ING, Alior Bank, BNP Paribas or DNB. As you see, professionals are using those services, to be sure that their data and software is safe and protected. If you need any help or assistance contact with Comarch contact line.

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