Corruption in Politics: A Mockery of a Bureaucrat's Noble Task

This young 2010 batch IAS cadre from Chattisgarh defies courage who took on the powerful sand mining mafia in Western Uttar Pradesh that poses a great threat to the environment in and around the river side.

Unfortunately, her noble task was taken the other way round by the UP’s political executive.  They accused that this would pose a threat to the prevailing peace in the state with communal tension since the officer had ordered for the demolition of the wall of a religious structure of a mosque in her jurisdiction.

SP leader Naresh Aggarwal said, "It is not always true that an IAS officer takes the right decision. Their decisions are at times guided by personal reasons. At times the decisions of IAS officers offend the common man and then politicians have to talk to the people," reported CNN-IBN.

Besides suspension of the District Magistrate, the harassment and dishonor meted out to her depicts the heights of the cruelty of the political leaders and also shows that the law makers themselves turn out to be the law breaker in this democratic system.

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