Corrupt Youngsters Eye Government Jobs In India: Study - Page 2
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Corrupt Youngsters Eye Government Jobs In India: Study

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 21 November 2013, 10:46 Hrs   |    9 Comments
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Hanna wrote, “Overall, we find that dishonest individuals - as measured by the dice task - prefer to enter government service," reports TOI.

"Importantly, we show that cheating on this task is also predictive of fraudulent behaviors by real government officials," Hanna added.

The study has also emphasized on bureaucratic absenteeism and it was revealed that those who have the urge to cheat have given maximum number of false reasons or a lame excuse for their absenteeism. It also indicates strongly that these individuals have the nature to indulge in fraudulent activities without a second thought.

The study concluded stating, "Through this study, we offer evidence that college students who cheat on a simple task are more likely to prefer to enter government service after graduation. Importantly, we also show that cheating on this task is also predictive of fraudulent behaviors by real government officials, which implies that the measure captures a meaningful propensity towards corruption. Given that the existing methods of measuring corruption only apply for those who are already entrenched in the bureaucracy, our validation of a measure of cheating against real-world corruption outcomes offers an important tool for future research on selection and corruption,” reports TOI.

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Reader's comments(9)
1: it is a disconcerting news.We can only pray for wiesdom to prevail among juniors and their role models to reverse the disasterous trend.
Posted by:Piyush - 15 Dec, 2013
2: Partly yes but all youngsters are not like that,Only the politicians spoil the youngsters career,The politicians offers a small ambitions to youths like if they join them give timely food,drinks and offer money till their work completes,after the work the youths become direction less, many yoyhs spoil their youthness and become a hard core to public
Posted by:keerthikumar - 23 Nov, 2013
3: Infosys paid in settlement --how much. What do you call it. for heavens sake dont publish such nonsence, merely some evil brains contemplate such studies.
Posted by:Vivek - 22 Nov, 2013
4: What Utter Rubbish!Behind every corrupt man there is a greedy family! I m working with a PSU and I am not corrupt and also, I know many others who are not !!! rather Youngsters are less corrupt than oldsters.. and its a fact ... Please do not trust any such type of faking survey conducted by foreign (i.e. European or USA's) institutions...
Posted by:R K Chandan - 22 Nov, 2013
5: Bangalore is the most corrupt city followed by Chennai in report present in TOI front page 2 days back.
Posted by:Varun - 22 Nov, 2013
6: Let pray this not be true,however even if these trends in a small percentage of youngsters may need to be corrected/addressed
Posted by:srinath - 22 Nov, 2013
7: It might be true.
But it is true that now a days many are giving bribe to get Govt job and definitely they will take bribe once they become Govt 'Servents'
Posted by:Ashok - 22 Nov, 2013
8: This is about Report of "Cheating Youngsters Eyeing Government Jobs!
What Utter Rubbish! First of all, the reporters spoke to about 662 students, and all in Bangalore. There are millions of Government Servants; and there are many systems at play to prevent corruption. We, in our country, LOVE to bring down our own country and its culture. Then, there is no guarantee that only those who cheated at school or college will be able to cheat and get into government service. For each of of those government servants there are dozens of laws and systems that do control corruption. AND THEN, I ask you! For every government servant willing to take some money, there are more than ten of us in the private sector who are willing to pay! And please don't use the excuse that we were compelled to pay.
NOW, I agree that India is not corruption free; but to paint the entire country as being possessed by corrupt politicians and government servants is also wrong. Please do not spoil our country's image; let us work to improve it.
Posted by:Zafar Iqbal - 21 Nov, 2013
I as once did will try to correct myself but the major presence of curroption is always undeniable. Even my father a govt servant is not a corrupt person but he himself says that many were like him his own friends but some change in due course of time. India is cursed or something I don't know but its a fact, many start good but end up unclean.
sid Replied to: Zafar Iqbal - 22 Nov, 2013