Corporate India's Reaction on Modi's Comeback

As India wraps up the largest democratic election process in history on 23rd May, National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by BJP emerged as a clear Victor in the Lok Sabah Elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi scripted history by becoming the second political party in the Indian history to come back to power with full majority by its own, even stronger this time. NDA has won 353 seats, where the BJP itself crossed the 300 mark. While the UPA coalition trailed far behind 92 seats, the Congress once again fell short of numbers needed to get Leader of Opposition position in Lok Sabha.


The outcome has led to the long reign of political stability in India, which was much needed for businesses. NDA's coming back to power is a good sign for the Industries and organizations as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now comfortably placed for the next five years to finish his unfinished agendas, which he had started in the previous term. Here's a look at the reactions from the corporate leaders and entrepreneur community of our country and their expectations from the new government.

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