Coronavirus: Do you have the Essential Tools to Work from Home?

Coronavirus: Do you have the Essential Tools to Work from Home?

Owing to the increase in COVID-19 cases globally, most of the organizations in the world have asked the employees to work from home. Giants such as Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook have decided to let the employees work from home as a precaution to save employees from getting a potential infection. Well, in several states the Government has advised the organizations to ask the employees to work from home to avoid gatherings and more. Most people have not familiar with the ‘work from home’ style and hence we will discuss the best software tools for that can make the ‘work from home’ easier.

Messengers, Video Conferencing

A messenger platform is one of the most crucial software required to make the workflow easier. It can take care of the company’s messaging, videoconferencing and screen sharing, file sharing and productivity needs. It helps the team leaders to keep track of their team’s performance via the software’s features. Also, employees can share their to-dos and update them in real-time with their teammates. Video conferencing tools must be simple and user-friendly and there must be screen sharing abilities as well. Recording the team meetings, screen-sharing sessions also feature that help in such scenarios.

File Sharing, Notes

Sharing the files securely across the multiple platforms is a must these days and Google Drive can be deployed in this case as it can be used to convert Word Docs and Excel Sheets. However, mastering the access to file-sharing permissions remains a work-in-progress. Additionally, digital notebooks are extremely useful to use and they allow organizing and sorting across multiple notepads while adding and tagging to-dos as they can also help you attach pictures, videos and more to shared tasks and reminders. Some allow sketching the ideas employees have in mind.

Task Management

Managers and team leaders can use this tool as it helps them manage their work among their team members. There are several task management software that offers, boards, portfolios, sub-task categories. They also give information about who’s doing what and when the task can be completed. In a single calendar view, subtasks can be delegated to the colleagues and project updates can be tracked.