Commander One - The Leader of File Managing Applications for your Mac

Commander One – The Leader of File Managing Applications for your Mac

Mac users who are disappointed by the performance of the inbuilt file managers are using Commander One file manager. Commander One is a dual pane file manager that joins Mac users’ FTP clients to Amazon S3 browsers. With Commander One’s default Mac Terminal emulator, it becomes easy to manage all the system processes. So, if you are looking for a cool and mind-blowing file manager, Commander One is the one you should choose. It has some useful features like Hotkeys, Command Line, Spotlight Search, Network Computers, Google Drive Integration, and OneDrive Business Support. It gives you access to Hidden Files, Customize Fonts and Colors, RAR Extraction (with full access and search),Themes, WebDav Protocol Support, Process Viewer, Work with Local and Network Drives. One of the best features of Commander One is it allows you to rename files during operations of move and copy.The FTP function of Commander One also connects you to remote servers via FTP, SFTP or FTPS. To make Commander One attractive, you can customize the appearance and fonts of Commander One the way you want as the file managing application provides endless colors, themes, and styles.

How to Use Commander One?

As mentioned, Commander One is a Mac-based application used by Mac users, it does not matter if you have to work with Android, iPhone, iPad, or a camera. Commander One is one application that allows you to work in any platform without switching apps or closing and opening spaces on your Mac. Unlike other applications that force you to pay after a certain period, Commander One has free features and PRO Pack. Some features are common to both free and PRO Pack, while there are some extra features in the PRO Pack which you can choose for professional use and business purposes.


WebDAV of Commander One allows you to connect different cloud storages and web servers to your Mac. With that, you can access and manage all your remote storages and network servers from your computer. Commander One allows you to connect Dropbox accounts and share files. For business purposes, Commander One provides high data security to Dropbox accounts. It provides you 2GB disk space in Dropbox, 15GB disk space in Google Drive and 30GB disk space in Microsoft OneDrive. If you do not want to keep your cloud files on your hard drive, you can save it in Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. When you need any technical assistance, you get the chance to connect to the technical support team of Commander One via mail.

Commander One – The Leader of File Managing Applications for your Mac


Commander One is safe, secure and protects all your data from data theft. It is a solid bridge between your cloud storage and your computer and keeps your data safe from any damage.

In this fast evolving world where people do not like to carry hardware devices to places to transfer data, Commander One is the solution to the problem. Being a file manager, it gives users access to cloud services and helps users to enjoy the hardware free life. In a nutshell, Commander One is the commander of all file managers because of its data security and file managing services.

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