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Cleanest Cities in the World

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 02 July 2012, 02:41 Hrs   |    21 Comments
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Bangalore: People all around the world talk of their city being clean and developed. But which are the cleanest cities in the world? Vacationhome.net named them. These are the cities to live in for cleanest air and the greenest environment.

1. Calgary, Canada:

Calgary is situated between the Rocky Mountains and prairies in Canada, more than one thousand meters above the sea level. It is a remarkable city. The condition of the city in a region close to forests, mountains and rivers is only one of the reasons why it is windy and it is considered to be on the top of the list of the cleanest cities in the world. It is not easy to maintain such a huge city, with population over one million people, in a perfect clean condition. It is a question of economic status and culture of the citizens, a question of prosperity. The main pillar of the city industry is concentrated in the energy production, which justifies its status of a place with very good organized community with excellent services, and hence, it is one of the best places to live in considering the environment.

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Reader's comments(21)
1: yes India is the dirtiest country in the world. People from India does not have discipline.
Posted by:aung aung - 09 Aug, 2012
Sory Chandigarh only clean city of India not world
Jacob Replied to: aung aung - 25 Aug, 2012
Except Chandigarh! the only cleanest city of world, only chandigarh is the city which is ranked 42 in world clean cities! second Mysore which is 116!
Jacob Replied to: aung aung - 25 Aug, 2012
4: Honolulu: the beach and the tourist area is very clean, the rest is not. Should not be here. Kathmandu is clean in relation to South Asian standards, but is not clean when you wonder off the tourist trek. Hardly worth mentioning here. There are some very clean cities that far surpass any mentioned here. Vancouver, Ottawa, and Victoria Canada, Geneva, Switzerland, Sydney Australia. Most international bodies agree, as the others are never rated as the most liveable cities.
Posted by:Sami - 09 Jul, 2012
5: where is Singapore City?
Posted by:Susmita - 08 Jul, 2012
In Asia. Still you did not know where Singapore is?
aung aung Replied to: Susmita - 09 Aug, 2012
7: If Adelide is considered "inspite of the huge population of more than 1.2 million people, the life is well organized and pollution is restricted in this city." what do Indian metros be called as with a population of 12 to 20 million?
Posted by:elitevenkat - 07 Jul, 2012
8: India is the dirtiest of dirtiest country in the world and no 1 in ranking it is bad and unsatisfied
Posted by:Vinod Nainwal - 02 Jul, 2012
You are right!
aung aung Replied to: Vinod Nainwal - 09 Aug, 2012
10: That mean our cities are ranked among the dirtiest! Why? WHO is responsible for this? What have we done to our cities and our nation since last 63 years except rotting them? How much more they will keep rotting is any ones guess!!!
Posted by:w o - 02 Jul, 2012
Why WHO is responsible.. Is our contry is govern bu WHO ??
Deepak Mittal Replied to: w o - 05 Jul, 2012
12: Kathmandu,Nepal find a place but not any of Indian or other asian cities... ?
Posted by:Harish - 02 Jul, 2012
Reason is simple, seeing is believing. So you have to get out of the country and watch how other countries are doing.
Our people dont want their houses to be kept clean, neighbourhood to be kept clean. Learing to keep one clean and the cities clean have to come naturally which is lacking.
krishnan Replied to: Harish - 08 Jul, 2012
14: I never seen one single layout is clean (forget about city) in India. ONly Parliment office road, and 2-3 to name. are cleaned. Indians will never learn. its in our gene , we never change.
atleast we dont bother to learn from others.
Posted by:srinivas - 02 Jul, 2012
KRISHNAN Replied to: srinivas - 08 Jul, 2012
Do not say we never change. Say to yourself that "I never change" and "I am not ready to change".
Nack Replied to: srinivas - 02 Jul, 2012
17: No city in India is clean and dust free and fully organised. Who is responsible for this?. We all are respnsible. The cleanness of a city depends on what our attitude is toward a lifestyle in a clean environment. If we at our individual level take a simple step to teach our kids in the family how to be organised and live in a clean environment, it will certainly work in their future life. Western world is an examplary for us to take lesson butin the context of our situation. The rising population in India is a major obstacle to any plan for a clean city. However, environmental education for our population on cleanness and healthy life brings a lot of changes in the life of our people. So I can certainly say, If not today, one day India can be a role model for others in environmental management and cleanness.
Posted by:Santo - 01 Jul, 2012
Kathmandu is also polluted my dear.... I saw the wastes floating in Bagmati River near Pashupathinath Temple....
Vishal Sathyan Replied to: Santo - 31 Jul, 2012
Writing well appreciated, but that "today" you and I wont see or for that matter our next generation
krishnan Replied to: Santo - 08 Jul, 2012
20: Not 1 Indian city on the list!
Posted by:ram - 01 Jul, 2012
looks like you are not living in India
krishnan Replied to: ram - 08 Jul, 2012