Chennai Is On The List Of Asia's 'Worst Airports' In 2014

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport:
The international airport in Philippians was in the first place for three years straight. It had the worst terminal, which was congested and long. There seems to be no place for people to sit and relax. There have been some improvements since the crowded terminal 1, passengers has been redirected to terminal 3.

It is surprising that such a beautiful country with good economy should have such a horrible airport. There are improvements but these improvements will need to continue to make this airport a better place for travelers.  

Tashkent International Airport:
A rather small airport, the international airport of Uzbekistan is like a window to Asia. This airport has been seeing improvements and new infrastructures but there still is the problem of long queues and indiscipline.

One thing to watch for in the airport while standing in the line is for people who try to break in front of you and cut in the line. So a lot of elbow using is required. Let’s just hope the infrastructure will be completed so that there will be more discipline in the airport.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport:
We don’t expect a huge economy like China to have horrible airports but then maybe it’s just inevitable. This airport which is one of the biggest in China is also one of the most horrible airports in Asia. The airport has very less choice for food and is very dull.

There also is the problem of the airport being dirty, unaccommodating and inefficient. The airport has limited amenities with horribly dirty bathrooms.

Phnom Penh International Airport:
This tiny airport is in Cambodia and the only bad review it received is that the airport has only metal chairs that are not comfortable at all. Apart from this one thing it is pretty much ok and easy to navigate.  

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