Celebrity cars Collection: Famous Bollywood Actresses And Their Humble Cars

Bollywood stars and their cars are always a hot topic. It is usual to see celebrities being chauffeured around in luxury cars from world-class brands. Obviously, nothing fits the glamour of Bollywood lifestyle better than the equally glamorous luxury cars.

However, besides the luxury car collection of Bollywood actresses, there are some stars who break the norms and go with more popular and affordable models. It is interesting to see the superstars to share the same taste in cars with you, isn’t it? Now, check out seven humble cars of some really beautiful Bollywood actresses on IndiaAuto.

Kim Sharma – Tata Nano
Price: 2.0 lakh – 3.5 lakh

Tata Nano is best known as the world’s cheapest car. After the initial spark, Tata Nano had to face the hard truth of reality. This car lacks in many ways, and Tata had to put an end to its brainchild last year. Targeted at the budget-restricted car buyers, Tata Nano is definitely a misfit in the glamorous world of Bollywood. However, in contrast to this common perception, Kim Sharma, a model and a Bollywood actress, is an unexpected customer of this budget car brand. Kim surely has more to show her wealth; in fact, the actress currently has some luxury cars parked in her garage which could give her the star quality when necessary. But the small Nano is her choice when it comes to daily rides, especially in a crowded city like Mumbai. Function over fashion, smart choice!

Kim Sharma going to gym on white tata nano
Kim Sharma has a white Tata Nano for her daily runabouts

Disha Patani – Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze
Price: 17.94 - 22.35 Lakh (Honda Civic) 14 – 17.5 lakh (Chevrolet Cruze)

Before recruiting a shiny and plush Mercedes E-Class and a BMW 5-Series into her car collection, the rising Bollywood star Disha Patani was frequently seen moving around in a white Honda Civic and a silver Chevrolet Cruze. Both of them are D-segment sedans. And the two other luxury cars are sedans too, even though the prices are poles apart. While the Honda Civic is quite popular in the D-segment, the Cruze was discontinued in India in 2017.

Disha Patani has two humble cars, Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze

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Malaika Arona Khan – Toyota Innova Crysta
Price: 14.93 - 23.47 Lakh

On sale in a price range of around 14.93 to 23.47 lakh, the Toyota Innova Crysta is not a straight-out budget car. However, it is obviously nothing of a fancy-looking and luxury car that you imagine when thinking about the rides of Bollywood celebrities. In fact, this car is a safe choice for many Indian stars, including Aamir Khan, Rajnikant, Gulshan Grover, Jackie Shroff and, the fashion icon of Bollywood, Malaika Arora Khan.

The actress is known for having an unapologetically lavish car collection, which says a lot about her net worth. Recently, Malaika even brought home a new Range Rover Vogue, which is priced around 2.1 crores . Surprisingly, she can be spotted sometimes behind the wheel of her Toyota Innova Crysta. This MPV, with its high reliability, great comfort and good after-sale services, has proved itself to be a solid choice when it comes to daily driving cars.

Malaika Arona Khan is frequently seen moving around in her Toyota Innova Crysta

Bipasha Basu – Toyota Fortuner
Price: 27.83 - 33.6 Lakh

Toyota Fortuner is another people’s favourite. It is easily one of the best-selling premium SUVs in India. While we, normal folks, are in love with this SUV, even some Bollywood stars seem to like the Fortuner. Frankly, the Toyota Fortuner is not a true ‘humble’ car considering its price tag. At the price range of 27.83 - 33.6 lakh, Toyota Fortuner is not a humble car for most of us but a real investment. However, in the world of exotic and luxury car brands, this bulky car surely belongs to the humble-car line. It is a favourite choice for many Bollywood customers, including Aamir Khan, Jackie Shroff and actress Bipasha Basu.

The actress owns an older-generation Toyota Fortuner. This all-wheel-drive model is powered by a 3.0-litre engine. Just like the Innova Crysta, the Fortuner also shares some core qualities like high reliability and excellent comfort. Bipasha and her husband Karan Grover have been spotted driving her white Fortuner several times.

Bipasha Basu often goes to the gym in her Toyota Fortuner

Sara Ali Khan – Honda CR-V and Jeep Compass
Price: 28.27 - 32.77 Lakh (Honda CR-V) and 15.6 - 23.11 Lakh (Jeep Compass)

Sara Ali Khan is a fresh-faced Bollywood actress and recently shot to stardom. The young actress dives around mostly in her white Honda CR-V. Her car is of the older generation and receives power from a 2.4-litre petrol engine. Recently, Sara bought a new Jeep Compass, which is likely to replace her Honda CR-V.

Saif Ali Khan, Sara’s father, is a well-known car collector. He is the owner of various luxury cars, including Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, Audi R8 Spyder, Ford Mustang to name a few. So it might come as a big surprise that his daughter is totally fine driving a non-luxury car like Honda CR-V or Jeep Compass.

Sara Ali Khan often drives around in her Honda CR-V

Jaqueline Fernandez – Jeep Compass
Price: 15.6 - 23.11 Lakh

Jaqueline Fernandez is another member of the Jeep Compass owner club in the B-town.The American brand has found a cult following in the Indian market. One evidence is how this rugged SUV has successfully made its way to garages of various Bollywood stars.

The SUV can be even found being favoured by Bollywood’s young goddesses like Sara and Jaqueline Fernandez. In Jaqueline Fernandez’s case, the young actress owns a red Jeep Compass. This SUV is her favourite companion on the road. Moreover, the star is also often seen showing off her beloved car on her Instagram. She is so much in love with the Jeep that she even presented one to her make-up artist.

Jaqueline Fernandez is so in love with her red Jeep Compass

Rhea Chakraborty – Jeep Compass

Sara Ali Khan, Jaqueline Fernandez and now Rhea Chakraborty are all fans of the Jeep Compass. The most affordable SUV from the American brand has a robust and sporty image that seems to strongly resonate with the lifestyle of the young urban girls. Rhea has picked a silver-finished Jeep Compass which looks less plush and fashionable than Jaqueline’s red Jeep Compass but fits perfectly with her personality.

Launched in 2017, Jeep Compass is currently in its first generation in India. It will soon receive the first facelift. The current model is available in two configurations, 2WD and AWD. The 2.0-litre Multijet diesel is standard while the petrol engine is only on offer in the 4x2 configuration.. Only the petrol engine comes with a dual-clutch automatic transmission option. It is expected that Jeep will launch the diesel-automatic in the future.

The silver-finished Jeep Compass is Rhea Chakraborty’s companion

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