Can AI Predict Cricket Match Results Better than Tipsters

Can AI Predict Cricket Match Results Better than Tipsters

Online sports betting has become increasingly popular over the years, especially with the whole world being connected to the internet. As one could imagine, sports betting on cricket too is vastly popular and as such we have to look at ways to improve the way we wager and how we get choose the best odds. While many have believed expert cricket betting tips are solely responsible for wins, we look to the power of AI technology, and how it has impacted forecasting accurate odds.

AI vs. Tipsters

It’s arguable that the information we receive from professional tipsters is more accurate than using artificial intelligence technology. There are many factors to weigh up and it’s becoming increasingly clear that AI technology does, in fact, predict accurate odds. So how is this possible? What are some of the factors used to cast these odds? And is it perhaps better to seek out odds selected by AI?

If we look at the facts, we can see how far technology has brought our world. In a modern world where we rely heavily on technology, is it so hard to imagine?

Processing Data

There is no doubt that human tipsters are limited in terms of processing information. You would need to be a genius to store accurate data, the same data necessary to predict the outcome of a match. AI uses algorithms based on data and previous odds. It combines factors like which team lost, which pitch was played, past stats of players and who the man of the match was. It takes into account, both the underdog and the favourite. All of this data is processed to cast a prediction as close as possible to the expected outcome of the game.

Tippers may have better knowledge on a more personal level that technology cannot compare to. For example, a tipster may be able to recall that the reason why a team lost was due to the absence of a player, or perhaps there was an injury during the game. This information can then be omitted from predicting the outcome of the next game. However, there is a limit as to how much one tipster might be able to remember and on selected teams.

Biased Connection

We are human and in being of mortal heritage, there is a limit as to how far we are willing to go for the opposing team. Some tipsters believe that it is bad luck to wager on the opposition or that it could affect the outcome of the next prediction. AI on the other hand, it is unbiased and has no emotions. This can work in favour of a winning bet, but only if you really want to win despite superstitions or a keen belief in fate.

Predictions Based on Real Numbers

Naturally, AI is more accurate than humans. We tend to make errors on a daily basis, at times unknowingly, making these costly mistakes. Artificial intelligence technology uses mathematical formulas to calculate possible outcomes and hardly ever, if ever, makes mistakes. These predictions are based on real numbers and not possible numbers, tailoring a more accurate bet.

Combined Accuracy

While there are a number of pros pertaining to the use of AI there is also the advantage to adhering to the advice of a tipster. Expert and professional tipsters have information that AI cannot compute, there is emotion and while it may work against a prediction, there is may be some truth to a predicted cricket match outcome. Players are also affected by emotion and this kind of emotion is what may cost them the match. AI technology cannot possibly predict this and cannot process emotion so this cannot be factored in. Humans however, they understand emotion and they could possible adjust a bet based on a new piece of information that could be a game changer.

The best bet for any supporter wanting to place a real money wager on an upcoming match, would be to combine the efforts of tipsters and use this information when weighing up the weight of a professionally predicted outcome made by artificial intelligence. Use this formula and you yourself may be able to agree with the predictions of modern AI tech.