CNC Machining Services for Robotic

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CNC is a subtractive manufacturing technology: the final parts are created from a solid block by using a variety of cutting tools. In recent years, with the rapid development of the robot industry, there is more and more cooperation between CNC prototype machining and robots. Therefore, of course, more and more people began to pay attention to the ranks of CNC processing about robots.

First, as we know CNC is a rapid manufacturing technology suitable for prototype manufacturing and small-to-medium volumes, and when it comes to robotics, which is well suited for the testing, development and exhibition phases of the robots. And in the following, I would like to introduce some relations between rapid CNC machining and robots.

Advantages for CNC machining services about robot industry

1. 1. Precision and Efficiency

For robot industry, the most attractive advantage of CNC machining services is precision. As we know, the precision of components directly determines the quality of the robots. Generally, higher precision components mean robots are more accurate, efficient and practical in their work. Fortunately, CNC prototyping service can process parts with great dimensional accuracy than most other common manufacturing technologies. The standard tolerance of any dimension in rapid CNC machining is±0.125mm. features with tighter tolerance down to ±0.050mm can be manufactured and even tolerance of ±0.025mm are feasible. That is about a quarter the width of a human hair!

And the following are some factors that can affect the precision of CNC rapid prototyping.

1. Set reasonable processing route

Reasonable setting of processing route and processing sequence is an important basis for optimizing the processing programming of workpiece. It can be considered from the aspects of machining track and the way of advance of tool. In the CNC milling processing, you should arrange the route of cutting tool cut in and out. Cut as far as possible along the extension line of the contour curve, so as to avoid tools marks at intersections. At the same time in the milling processing, you should be based on the actually conditions of parts to choose forward milling or reverse milling.CNC maching services

2. Select and Install Tool Correctly

Because the tool is directly on the workpiece, so its selection and installation is the most important factors for processing accuracy and surface quality of workpiece. Particularly during the process of rapid CNC machining. The tool is stored in advance, once the processing begins, the tool must not be replaced at will. So the general principle of tool selection is: easy to install and adjust, good rigidity, high durability and precision.

CNC machining services

3. Reasonable selection of cutting parameters

The cutting parameters is an important content of CNC machining technology, which has an important influence on the machining accuracy, machining efficiency and tool wear of the workpiece. And the basic selection principle of cutting parameters is: where the rigidity allows, rough machining process takes a larger cutting depth, in order to reduce the number of cutting times, improve the productivity; but the finishing usually takes the smaller cutting depth to obtain the higher surface quality.

2. High cost efficiency

If you're worrying about small-to-medium volumes, then the CNC prototype machining will be a very price-competitive option. In fact, when you order 20 identical parts, the unit price may cut by 60% compared to a one-off part. This is because ‘economies of scale’ start to kick in: the relatively high start-up costs of CNC are spread over multiple parts.

And CNC machining does not need any special mould. So production on demand for custom one-off part and prototype is economically feasible. This is especially relevant for one- off custom metal parts and prototype, therefore CNC is the most cost-competitive solution for them.

3. Efficiency and Flexibility

It is well-known CNC prototype manufacturing has great efficiency and flexibility in not need any special mould, which can be reflected in turnaround times and material selection.

For quick turnaround times. With the great development of modern CNC systems, CAM software, and digital supply chains, which have greatly accelerated the production times. Now CNC machined parts are typically ready for delivery within one week. This is comparable to the turnaround of industrial 3D printing processes.

CNC machined parts have excellent physical properties. This makes them ideal for high- performance applications. Additionally, virtually every common material with enough hardness can be CNC machined. This gives engineers the flexibility to select a material with optimal properties for their application.

The application area of CNC robots can be used

It is because of many advantages of CNC machining services that the development and application of robots have infinite possibilities, and this has allowed robots to be applied in more and more fields.

1. Medical robot

Medical robots have broad application prospects, and among medical robots, it is also mainly divided into surgery robot, rehabilitation robot and medical service robot.

Surgical robots mainly include laparoscopy, orthopedics, neurosurgery and other types. With the continuous development of technology, surgical robots will develop towards miniaturization, specialization, low cost, intelligence and automation, and will lead minimally invasive surgery into a new era.

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Rehabilitation robots account for the largest proportion in medical robots. Rehabilitation departments are highly comprehensive departments, here doctors have an urgent need for high-end medical equipment and technology. On the other hand, there are a large number of patients in the hospital who need rehabilitation.

CNC machining services

Medical service robots mainly include medical consultation, hospital logistics, image positioning and other types. Health service robot originates from the innovative development of intelligent products, and with the aging of today's society more and more serious, many older people are suffering from strokes and other ailments, therefore medical service robots is vital.

2. Defense special robot

Clearly, robotics has a special role to play in national security and defense. As we have seen, various robotic technology systems can perform a wide range of tasks -- from aerial reconnaissance to on-the-ground mine clearance, opening paths through explosive mine obstacles. In addition, the use of military robots can improve the performance of missions and reduce risks to soldiers' lives and health.

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Trend of the future

Driven by rigid factors such as accelerated population aging, household cleaning and diversified entertainment demands, the robot industry is booming, and there is a growing tendency to combine robotics with CNC prototyping machining. In the future of robot industry, CNC rapid prototyping will become one of the most important types of rapid prototyping methods, in time, the technology in the CNC machining services will get better!