Books That Are Banned In India

The Lotus and the Robot: Arthur Koestler is known for his book Darkness at noon. In The Lotus and the Robot, he tries to explore aspects of oriental mysticism or spirituality through his travels in India and Japan. He criticizes the traditions of India, talks about yoga as a means of social exploitation, does not believe that India could be a democracy and criticizes Gandhiji. Enough material to earn a ban for the book. Critiques called him a naive and accused him of racial stereotyping. The book was banned in India immediately after its publication in 1960.

Nine Hours to Rama: This book by Stanley Wolpert is a fictionalized account of Nathuram Godse’s life and the events leading up to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.  The starts nine hours before Godse murders Gandhi and revisits Godse’s life in flashbacks to find out the root for his hatred for Gandhiji. The book somehow succeeds in justifying the activity of Godse. Wolpert also suggests and security lapses as reason for Gandhi’s death. The book was banned and later a film of the same name based on the book was also banned by the Government of India.

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