Biggest Productivity Hacks For Online Entrepreneurs

Productivity Hacks

In this article I'm going to teach you how to master productivity and show you a few ways that you can become more productive, I help teach entrepreneurs how to become more replaceable, several years ago I was leading several successful shopify stores. I also created a system a Productivity called “Less Doing” – that's in less doing more living and the goal was to help people optimize, automate and outsource everything in their lives in order to be more effective.

The number one way that any entrepreneur can become more effective is by setting artificially restrictive limits on themselves, that's right limits. I truly believe that limits breed ultimate innovation. Some time ago I was part of a real estate project, in construction, working these long, hard days. I was working 18-hour days and then I got sick. I was diagnosed with something called Crohn's disease which is an inflammatory condition that affects the digestive tract and it's considered to be incurable. Long story short – I was able to overcome the illness, but I went from working 18-hour days to struggling to get an hour work done in a given day. That ultimate restriction on my time is what has bred and become the genesis for everything that I've done since and it's an amazing question that I always like to ask people, because if you ask somebody that works a nine-to-five job and you say what would you do if you had to leave the office by 4:00 most of them say that they would just skip lunch – it's a fairly easy problem to overcome.

But if you ask the same person what would you do if you could only work one hour a day, then they get stumped because that requires such a different way of thinking than they've ever encountered, before because at that point the question really is in what would you do – it’s what wouldn't you do and if the things that you wouldn't do still have to get done anyway then who or what is going to do them for you? That has been the basis of everything that I have created ever since – those extreme restrictions on time, on money even on space are what lead to the ultimate innovation that you need as an entrepreneur.

If anybody reading this has ever been a fan of MacGyver – nobody ever told MacGyver: “Hey MacGyver, there's a home depot across the street – go get whatever you need and go over there and blow up that building”, right? It was always like “here's a paper and a box of biscuit – go blow up that building” – that extreme restriction of resources is what forced innovation and that is something that most entrepreneurs don't actually have to face nowadays.

A lot of entrepreneurs have funding, they have a team they have the technology at their disposal (especially in matters concerning aliexpress dropshipping), they're not presented with these opportunities where they really have to think lean. You may think that you’re operating lean, but you've never had to work in just one hour a day. Take those restrictions, think about how could I do this with half the money how could I do this in half the time, because we know from science that if you give yourself a certain time period to finish the task – you will always manage to get it filled, pretty much no matter what that time period, is so start thinking in restrictions today and you will be more productive immediately.