Bharat Bandh: Most Affected Places

Bharat Bandh: Most Affected Places

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 31 May 2012, 13:44 Hrs   |    6 Comments
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Bangalore:  In the protest against the hiked petrol prices in the country, the left and the right aligned against the government. Since it is a major issue concerning the people, many non aligned UPA parties and some UPA allies too, came up with their support to the nationwide agitation declared by BJP.  There were mixed responses to the protest since it remained calm in some places while some alienated incidents of violence were also reported. Here is the list of most affected places during the Bharat bandh based on NDTV reports.


Maharashtra faced the most number of attacks in the current Bharat bandh. The impact of the bandh was mostly on the major city of this state, Mumbai. The city has reported many stone-pelting incidents. Minimum around 68 buses were damaged and many buses were set on fire. The impact of the bandh was clearly visible from the decreased number of passengers in the local trains. The number of Autos and taxis on the road was also very less comparing to the normal working days. Good number minimum 48,000 police personnel were positioned in the sensitive areas of the city

Busses were forcefully stopped from service mainly in Satara and Nagpur. Many business establishments too were forcefully shut down. The protesters even tried to stop Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan's convoy.

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Reader's comments(6)
1: Bastards Bastards and more rascals are here in india nobody knows what is the future of india
Posted by:Vinod Nainwal - 02 Jun, 2012
This appears to be discussing violence surrounding a holiday; perhaps the author could address a world readership. Kumar Koppana, MBA MICHIGAN
David Replied to: Vinod Nainwal - 14 Jun, 2012
3: Indian politicians manage economy with rickshaw puller and auo driver kind of schemes God knows why these educated and uneducated fools run and ruin the country. If the Govt official fails then he has o pay penalty and resign position there is not court case no argument only if it is made strict like that then these monkeys won;t misuse parliamentary posts. Get us a visa and let us go abroad rather than living in this filth.
Posted by:Dennis - 02 Jun, 2012
4: Indian mentality is foolish.. 3rd class people only damages their own property.. making the economy still worse by the stupids. Damaging the busses, public buildings, troubling the public is not going bring anything.. since from the inception of BJP such parties they go beyong the limits in verge of power and in order to win the voters heart. Millions of stupids to join the damaging protests.. Only the common people doesn't involve in this incidients, the rich politicians and the low profile road siders works in the political parties.. these stupids are damaging the country's economy in other way. Religious fights, political fights, castes fights.. stupids..
Posted by:solver - 01 Jun, 2012
5: I don't think the bandh can bring any difference to the petrol price. if the hike goes this way petrol will become costlier than gold
Posted by:sara - 31 May, 2012
Its already costlier. I feel that I drink petrol so am I paying so high price.
Mui Replied to: sara - 01 Jun, 2012