Best Mileage Cars In India: From Maruti Swift to Toyota Prius

In this article, six best mileage cars in India have been compiled. For your convenience of reading, we have listed the vehicles in the order from the most fuel-efficient one to the least one, regardless of their segment, powertrain options, prices, etc. Along with this, we will also offer you some basic information on each vehicle such as its specifications and price.

The article below is expected to help customers who give cars’ fuel mileage a priority find their favourite vehicles. However, bear in mind that the fuel mileage figures of all the vehicles we provide below are all ARAI-certified. In real conditions, cars’ fuel mileage depends on various factors such as engine types, road conditions and the way we maintain them.

Previously, we have provided you with a detailed comparison between petrol, diesel and CNG cars which includes the information on their fuel mileage. If you are interested, please pay a visit to IndianAuto.

Six best mileage cars in India: Maruti Swift to Toyota Prius

Maruti Swift - 28.4 kmpl

* Price: INR 5.14 lakh - INR 8.89 lakh
The 2018 Maruti Swift is supported by Suzuki’s novel HEARTECH platform, which helps the hatchback decrease its kerb weight by nearly 90 Kg. The diesel version of the vehicle receives its power from a 1.3-litre DDiS 190 engine which is good for 74 BHP against 190 Nm.

One of the major reasons which explain why this hatchback is the best-selling car in India is its wonderful fuel mileage, which is up to 28.4 kmpl for the diesel version, which helps the Maruti Swift become the best mileage diesel car in India. The latest-gen Maruti Swift comes with a 5-speed MT and AGS transmission.

2018 Maruti Swift red front angle
The best-selling Maruti Swift comes with a stunning fuel mileage of 28.4 kmpl on the diesel version.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 3,840 x 1,735 x 1,530
Engine type 1.3-litre DDiS 190 Diesel
Power 74 BHP
Torque 190 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT/AGS
Mileage (claimed) 28.4 kmpl

Maruti Dzire - 28.4 kmpl

* Price: INR 5.7 lakh - INR 9.55 lakh
Despite borrowing the 1.3-litre diesel motor from the outgoing model, the diesel version of the Maruti Dzire has managed to increase its fuel mileage to 28.4 kmpl which is equal to that of the Maruti Swift. This remarkable improvement in fuel mileage can be partially explained by the HEARTECH platform shared with the Swift.

2017 Maruti Dzire silver side profile

The current Dzire diesel is powered by a 1.3-litre DDiS motor which can generate a maximum power of 74 BHP and a peak torque of 190 Nm. The transmission duties are undertaken by a 5-speed MT and AMT unit.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 3,995 x 1,735 x 1,515
Engine type 1.3-litre DDiS Diesel
Power 74 BHP
Torque 190 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT/AMT
Mileage (claimed) 28.4 kmpl

Honda Jazz - 27.3 kmpl

* Price: INR 7.42 lakh - INR 9.36 lakh
Honda has made every endeavour to make the second-gen Jazz become one of the most popular sedans with the Indian auto customers. With this new generation, the Japanese automaker not only lowers the price but also adds a new diesel motor to the engine options. This new engine also powers the Amaze, City and the Mobilio and delivers a claimed fuel mileage of 27.3 kmpl, which helps the Jazz become one of the most fuel-efficient cars in India.

2018 Honda Jazz red front angle

The 1.5-litre iDTEC diesel engine can produce a maximum power/torque figure of 98.6 BHP/200 Nm. This motor has a high HVH level, which partially explains for its unmatched popularity with its direct rival, the Hyundai Elite i20.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 3,955 x 1,694 x 1,544
Engine type 1.5-litre i-DTEC Diesel
Power 98.6 BHP
Torque 200 Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT
Mileage (claimed) 27.3 kmpl

Tata Tiago - 27.28 kmpl

* Price: INR 4.4 lakh - INR 6.62 lakh
The 1.5-litre oil burner of the Tiago returns a stunning ARAI-certified mileage of 27.28 kmpl. This motor is good for a maximum power of 69 BHP against a peak torque of 140 Nm and is coupled with a 5-speed MT unit.

The Tata Tiago diesel is one of the most fuel-efficient cars in India with a fuel mileage of 27.28 kmpl.

Tata has set high expectations for this hatchback and hoped that it would retain some market shares which the domestic automaker has lost in the past few years. With a decent fuel mileage, the Tata Tiago has lived up to its manufacturer’s expectations with a stable position in the hatchback segment.

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Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 3,746 x 1,647 x 1,535
Engine type 1.5-litre Revotorq Diesel
Power 69 BHP
Torque 140 Nm
Transmission 5-speed MT
Mileage (claimed) 27.28 kmpl

Honda Civic - 26.8 kmpl

* Price: INR 17.72 lakh - INR 22.32 lakh
After the absence for over five years in the Indian auto market, the Honda Civic has come back in its 10th generation. Realizing the increasingly high demand for cars with high fuel mileage in India, Honda has added a 1.6-litre diesel motor, which is borrowed from the Honda CR-V, to the new Civic’s engine options.

This motor is able to deliver 118 BHP against 300 Nm and is mated to a 6-speed MT unit. The claimed fuel mileage of this engine is 26.8 kmpl, which helps the sedan become one of the best mileage cars in India.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 4,656 x 1,799 x 1,433
Engine type 1.6-litre  i-DTEC Diesel
Power 118 BHP
Torque 300 Nm
Transmission 6-speed MT
Mileage (claimed) 26.8 kmpl

Toyota Prius - 26.27 kmpl

* Price: INR 45.33 lakh
With a price of over INR 40 lakh, the Toyota Prius is the most expensive vehicle in our list. The hybrid powertrain helps the Prius return a fuel mileage of 26.26 kmpl, which makes it become the best mileage petrol car in India. The combined power output of the 1.8-litre petrol and the 53 kW Electric Motor system amounts to 120 PHP.

2016 Toyota Prius red side profile

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 4,540 x 1,760 x 1,490
Engine type 1.8-litre petrol + 53 kW electric
Power 121 BHP
Torque Petrol: 142 Nm + Electric: 163 Nm
Transmission 5-speed CVT
Mileage (claimed) 26.27 kmpl

Above is a list of six best mileage cars in India. We hope that this article will help you choose the most fuel-efficient car which is suitable for your demands, interests and budget.

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